Friendly Reminder

Friend on life
>Remembering riding in the snow.

For what is a friend?

To be or not to be…

Most everybody seeks help or attention. Some pay with money, others pay with time. Friends pay with time. But it is mostly mutual. Friends take care of friends. They listen to each other. They help each other as much as they can. They are the perfect psychologist. Except psychologists can be fired. When you try to fire a friend, it can get ugly.
Friends, what are they good for? If you have a kegerator you will have a lot of friends. If you adopt a highway, you lose a lot of friends. If you start getting on your friends’ nerves, they fire you. Even if they had performed priceless amounts of home improvements for ya.
There was once a joke about what is the difference between a friend and a fiend. That was sort of funny. But the real funny part was one could switch from one to the other in an instant.
The important ingredient in a friend is good advice. Though you must understand not all of it is good. Everything must be carefully analyzed. Once again race or gender does not significantly come into play. Except, the larger variety of information and help is best. Meaning maybe one psychologist is not enough, but a group of individuals will give a broader perspective.
Some friends are animals such as a cat or dog. They listen well and they don’t talk back, and they are cheap. Mostly all they require is food and water.
Of course, there are children. They can be the best teachers. But they force you to teach them. Not so good listeners, either.
That is an experience that some know nothing about. But, children can be all of those above and more. They do make you pay, but, c’est la golf. You made the shot. Whether it’s in the fairway or woods, you have deal with it. That is, if you play the game. Otherwise you sit and watch.
Then there are the loners. Those that do not have anyone. Even psychologists have psychologists. Poor loners. All they have is a mirror. Or maybe a moon to worship. Lying out among the moon and stars asking themselves questions and the only answers are in their head. The answers are not in drugs or alcohol. Though you may think the bartender is listening. In reality they have ear buds on and are totally ignoring all. If you are thinking of the “S” word, then forget about it. Join the Army or become a bodyguard. You can’t trump that.
The best of all are probably aunts and uncles. Uncles can give advice without thinking of themselves. And aunts always have the best advice.
People get married so they have a permanent friend. Who needs a shrink? If you can’t speak with your own spousal unit, then what do you do. You then pretend you are speaking to one of the many ears available. Skip the corn stalks. They have ears, but they don’t listen.