Ignorent Internat

Learning not to be a sucker?

Stupid internet starts off on the wrong foot. Or perhaps doesn’t have a fake leg to stand on. Many people request “guugle-it” whenever they require a quick fact. It used to be you had to look it up in the encyclopedia. Before that you just had to make up facts #bullshit.

The times we are a changing. No, of course time is changing us. The internet is changing also. It is like poison ivy and boy do I know about that. It is growing out of control.  Mr. Trump wanted an army in outerspace and got it. I’m not arguing that. But, I think we need an army or team against those that poison, the internet. Countries are hacking into us #allamericans; even children are hacking in.

There is internet police, but, you can not see them. I know there are police on the streets trying to keep crime to a minimum and it works with the exception of innocent people being stepped on or mistaken identity with a cell phone looking like a gun?

The internet army needs to show they are lurking and ready to pounce.  TV News should entertain the public by making spectacles of these hackers who continue to send fake emails or fake charities begging for money and/or attention. Entities that cash in all of these fake charities should be ashamed allowing imposters to infiltrate the system. The middle class and poor give all this money to fake charities or political parties and don’t even know it. By getting fifty emails to contribute to a political campaign it would seem there would be an agency to stop it.

Enjoying writing for a blog is very satisfying. Helping others is even more so. I also get these spams or “comments” which are very entertaining and satisfying. But, some come with ulterior motives requesting I advertise their website one way or another. I get more comments from Germany (*.de) and China (*.*) then anyone. Do they love me more or am I an easy target so they can hack into my personal life? Do I really need to worry about these hackers? I am afraid ‘yes’. I have to keep up my guard and hope the army will protect me.

There should be a pulldown button similar to a 911 shortcut where you can report what you believe to be a scam or hoax without all the “paperwork”. It all too chaotic for me.

It’s like being at a party where you know most people and assume the rest are friends of friends. Then there is a little touch(e) of alchohol which relaxes the partiers. Not speaking from experience, but, there may be a pickpocket or two in the crowd.  Or maybe there is a mafia infiltrating the party. Be cautious and try trusting, but, don’t be a fool.

Party on, Wayne.



The best web host, as far as I know

Advertising or commercials, same thing? Reely? I don’t know why I hate commercials so much. Maybe because I don’t like being interrupted watching a movie or golf. I have already written an article about how “playing thru” (golf playin-thru yucks) drives me crazy.

My blog doesn’t have any commercials/ads except my note at the end of page 1. And this article maybe? I started out with Greengeeks for about 9 months and then WordPress knocked on my door and they offered to join in. Now we are a team of three. They have been great and have not tried to bully me into an advertising.

They do a very good job and answer my stupidest questions. And I get so many “comments” asking me about how I created such an awesome blog with such a great layout and nice colors (2019).

Maybe after this article goes viral they will give me a lifetime of endless blogging. Of which is to help everyone and not just the billionaires.

Here is a link to Greengeeks: https://www.greengeeks.com/platform?gclid=Cj0KCQiAzZL-BRDnARIsAPCJs70HB8KcSkDX1VfxUVVMRxeKuGP9Lnxu1mcAkXkmEzvQa1fbOEt8ZJUaAnmhEALw_wcB

And here is WordPress:

The best Web Host partner, as far as I know

I guess there is a shorter route to these websites, but, that would mean I would have to promote GOOGLE and that would mean more advertising and I can’t do that.

I think if you go to this webpage I might get credit for you joining our team: https://www.greengeeks.com/track/datestamp

Have fun! C’est la golf


Temporary Communist #Bekindist

We can work and play together

Let us not use the term “communist”. It is known to be a bad word. In reality the term was intended to help everyone in the community. But, the money grubbing royalty declared it was okay for them to be richer than heck as long as there were no poor people dying in the street. That is all well and good. It is almost impossible to give everyone the same amount of money and have them spend it equally. Money could be destroyed and forgotten. That is sort of impossible also. At one time someone thought we should destroy all books or something like that. It didn’t work.

The term “Bekindist” could be used to define people who are generous and not racist. Actually the Royalty aren’t racist so much, but, they like to see the poor against the poor. The Bekindists are those that love everyone, even the Royalty. Almost like the root of religious people.

Right now we are going through a very bad economic situation. Small businesses and renters, mortgage payers and everybody else who has a monthly payment need support. All of these monthly payment people cannot pay because they need to stay quarantined until this pandemic is over. In 2008 we had to bail out the banks. Now is the time for them to pay us back. We, the Bekindists need to hold off on accepting monthly payments from everyone that has a monthly payment and just wait until this is over. The government can send this into motion but, they will need the cooperation of the royalty and the Bekindist.

Imagine an old man trying to take care of the neighborhood ferrel cats. In the beginning there are three cats and they could all eat out of the same bowl. Then an out of towner shows up and scares the others away. So now he has to give the new cat his own bowl because he is defensive about the others. Not everyone is equal. Some need more help than others.

The Democrats and Republicans could all be Bekindist except the Republicans hate the Democrats. It may be because the Republicans are more religious. Though we are supposed to keep religion from politics. If we could separate the two then we can agree on almost everything else. But, we are so far divided now it would take a “miracle” to bring us together.

There is a new vaccine almost ready. What will we do with that? Every drug developer is racing to get it first. Are they racing to save the most lives or to make the most money. They were already paid trillions just to find it. I’m pretty sure China has a cure; it was probably them who “tested a rocket”. That theory is based speculation. That is because North Korea and Iran are also hating us since Trump took office.

The Royalty are actually running this country via politics as you can see from the electoral college. And Mr. Trump would have won except he ruined every financial aspect. Though his stats said one thing, but, that was “fake news”.

We (everyone) need to make a plan so when this happens again we will sort of be prepared. We never know when our President will upset another country and have them drop a weapon of destruction on us. #911 #pearlharbor

…article segment about Mr. Trump…
(Iran test fires cruise missiles resistant to ‘electronic war,’ says naval chief
By: The Associated Press, June 18, 2020)
President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers two years ago, launching a maximum pressure campaign against Iran that has pushed the archrivals to the verge of conflict.
…end quote.

Let us not let this happen. We the Bekindists can live together without 20 yaughts each.


Coff-an Cup, to the rescue

Not your elbow, silly

There is a virus called the #covid-19 that is like a common cold or flu. Except it is a lot more strong and threatening. One of the symptoms is a cough. Now everyone is wearing a mask. But, if they have to cough they have to remove the mask and cough into their elbow!

The “Coff-an Cup”, simply cut out the bottom of a paper cup. Put a paper towel or tissue and rubber band at the top. There. Cough as much as needed. Voila, replace towel/tissue when necessary. Maybe after 5 coughs or 10 coughs. And maybe each day. It is good when you are in public and you have a little cough or maybe a smoker’s cough. You can even use a string or dental floss attached to the rubber band and hang it around your neck or from your belt. It’s a lot better than coughing in your elbow?

People like coughing in the inside of there elbow. That may work if you don’t have a Coff-an Cup. What pose do you make the most besides putting your hands in your pockets? Yes, brilliant, you cross your arms. And you put your hands right where you coughed.
Actually we shouldn’t shake hands any more. We should all just pump fists. Some people just shake hands with a tight grip just to show how manly they are #trumpdat. Well if you have to, then pump fists and try and break their knuckles! No, reely. When you go to the bar and the bartender remembers you then you want to shake hands. Don’t! Pump fists so he won’t feel obligated. And maybe, he just coughed into his hand (non shovanistic).


A Football Team

My country, my team and my home.

Football season is here. Who is your team? What would you do for your team? Born in Chicago and raised in Wisconsin during the summers I was really perplexed on who to root for, the Bears or Packers.
The majority of people have their own team. Or they call it their team. Only the billionaires actually own the sports teams. Perhaps they own the politicians also.
I’m a Democrat and my team cares about everyone. We even care about the billionaires/Republicans even though they are on the other side. The Washington team can’t decide on a new mascot name. And people are adamant about that. They want to keep the old name even though it may offend American Indians. I suggest they rename them “The Americans” and not even call them Washington Americans because their stadium is in Maryland. And a few years back they were thinking of building a stadium in Virginia. It is more of a community team or “The Americans” team?
Picture there are many football teams and at the end of the year there is the superbowl. Now only two teams are left. Who do you root for? They appear to be equal. The teams have similar colors, same pads and helmets and some are friends of the other team. Then there are those who angrily hate the other side. Some hate the owner or the coach and some used to hate the quarterback because he was Black. But, they stood by their team.

Well, they would do anything to win the superbowl. They have loved their team their whole life. The tradition has been passed down from generation to generation. There is no way in the world they will switch teams. No matter what. Sort of like Army vs Navy.
America is divided. Republicans vs Democrats. Neither side will budge. The billionaires are happy. They own both teams and the stadium and all of the concessions. They have it made. By the teams being divided they make more money than ever. What do they do with all that money? Feed the poor? No they think the poor are responsible for their own downfall. Yes, if the poor were to go to school and start their own business then they wouldn’t be crying with a cup in their hand laying on a street corner. Some actually think even those folks are running a scam.
The point is…can you switch teams even though you have always rooted for one team. Can you really vote for a womanizer, liar, unnegotiator and murderer? The song Freebird states “I can’t change”, but, we all can and hopefully we do.
#covidtrump #covidchina #chinatariff #worldpeace


Golf playin-thru yucks

Putting green and allll

I love watching golf. I sit in my backyard and watch it from a medium-sized screen TV. I have a dish network that allows me to record and play back my golf. That way I can fast forward thru the commercials. But, now they have “playing through” where they show a commercial and the golf. But, the golf is like a third of the screen and the commercial takes the rest. Even the commercial is heard and not golf. On top of that even the screen text is for the commercial and not the golf. Now look, I understand commercials are necessary, but, you are giving billions to the players. And billions to charities (#thankyou). Why do you have to ruin 5 minutes of golf for stupid commercials? Maybe instead of playing thru you can just post a commercial along the bottom sort of like a “storm warning”? C’est la golf.
There was a local news channel that tried playin-thru and that was silly. During the playin-thru they just stood around and joked among themselves. What is the point there? Why not give the commercial the full time and get it over with.
I researched articles where some people actually liked them if it is not “Fake News”. Some like it and some don’t. C’est la golf.

…and then they did it on a football game.


Ear ache my aye! (Fake news 2)

When someone humbles himself

If only that mask prevented stuff from exiting.

This one person had such a terrible ear ache. What will they do? Went to the doctor. The doctor said the passageway was blocked. Put the three drops in there and call me in the morning. Typical, that one was heard millions of times. But, who listens? One ear is clogged, what about the other?
Citizens across America are either not listening, are unknowledgeable or maybe their ears are plugged? Everyone who is capable of changing their mind because they missed something say AYE!

Trump’s son had a private meeting with China. Later Trump & China’s secret meeting threatened our relationship. Then somehow China released a virus. Now maybe America is doomed. Probably because Trump had his own private war with China and they retaliated. Tariffs are the problem. Note that we send a lot of high quality products to China and they send us stuff that falls apart after three months. Who’s shipping garbage to who?

President Trump met with the ruler of China, Xi Jinping. Secretly where no one will hear. Trump tells the “ruler” I’m going to tariff you for everything and there is nothing you can do. But, the ruler says “if you don’t stop the tariffs then I will give your country a virus that the world has never seen before “. Trump being a gambler/used car salesman laughed and said “just try it”. Perhaps Mr. Trump misheard Mr. Xi Jinping or maybe he had an ear infection? He should get that looked at.

The whole reason he wanted to be president is so he will go down in history books. He probably didn’t mean to be the worst president ever. Now, he just wishes he could fire himself, seeing how the Democrats couldn’t do it. Now that the 2020 election is coming up he can slip through the cracks without any more chaos. He definitely won’t cheat on the election again, like he did in 2016. He definitely won’t get the Russian and Chinese help again. They have had enough of him.

Is it not funny that Mr. Trump came to office and then China quit taking our trash? (We shouldn’t send our trash halfway around the world anyways; next post). The U.S. and China are the two highest economies in the world and they are fighting like neighbors’ dogs! (Sorry to offend dog lovers.) And the fence is seven feet tall. They can’t even see each other. It is more like they are trying to bark the loudest? Perhaps they are both deaf. But, everyone else in the neighborhood has to hear it and can’t believe it.

See “Made in China” post and/or “Fake News Alert”



The Book of Danny (1:4, All)

Cool Cardinal
Free to believe?

Oh My God! …or should I say “Oh Many’s God”?

There was an old TV show like the “twilight zone”. It started out where a meteor was taken from space and given it’s own little space closed off from our atmosphere like an aquarium. It was continuing to spin like it’s own planet. And as days went by the “planet” developed or evolved. But, not like the earth over millions of years. More like a condensed time travel. Over a couple weeks it gained polar caps. Yadda, yadda yadda. Then soon afterward there began the evolution of the plant life like mold on your shower. Then the creation of the atmosphere or maybe that came first. Anyway, then there was the craziest thing. Something almost like a ghost developed. It began communicating with the aquarium/space builder.
This is an example of how it is possible our God was created through the evolution of space. Instead of God creating the universe, it was the other way around. This is just a theory and not a sermon. The point is we don’t really know; there are different possibilities.


Grandma and Grandpa's church
Grandpa built this for his family

People have been taught there is one and only one God and it belongs to them only. The Greeks used to think there were numerous gods. And so did the American Indians. Then there are groups believing in one God only. And all the other gods don’t exist.
Not being a religious fanatic or not. Everyone stands up or kneels down for their God. Imagine there is only one God and everyone loves it. That would eliminate a lot of wars and people hating each other.
Then there will only be hatred between the rich and poor and the racists. One step closer to world peace.
Start off first imagining there is only one God. Second: this God is for all humans (and maybe for the birds and bees). The articles in the bible or scrolls or Torah are stories handed down from generation to generation and language to language. It is difficult to say they are all true. It may be true that some of them are true. So, don’t believe everything you hear (Little Feat: Crazy captain gunboat willie) (John 4:1).
The Earth rotates around the Sun making the Sun the center of our world. And when someone looks up to the heavens they look to the sky; meaning the Sun. Don’t believe the heavens are in the clouds. They are too flexible! The Sun is more logical. And knowing the center of the earth is all boiling lava with little sight of daylight this sounds like HELL! And don’t forget the Moon. That is probably Purgatory.
So, summarizing, hell is the center of the Earth, heaven is the center of the Sun and our world. Don’t believe everything you read. And OMG, God loves everyone!
…and I say my prayers every night, if I’m not drunk.

St. of animals and environment
Feeding all.

A Game for All

Playin’ wif’ myself

Today’s earth is going through a humble awakening. The animals are not really sure what is going on. All of a sudden people are being nice. Even the butcher says a prayer before decapitating his prize meal. It is almost like there was a nuclear war, but, they ran out of rockets. And now everyone is trying to make heads and tails on what to do next.
That is everyone except the 1%. They have everything planned. Fall out shelters, hidden rooms, private aircraft; they even have adopted children for the pitty-affect. Well, that might be stretching it.
Everyone else is sticking their necks out trying to help each other. Even those people who are racist, cold, and even the evil ones are voluntarily helping others. The hard headed people who do not believe there are two sides to every door are agreeing just to agree.
The 1% doesn’t know what to do. They have always brought people against each other. Now what are they going to do?
There is no way the 1% is going to give all of thier money to charity! They were not raised to help others, au contraire, only to help themselves.
Like ping pong they go back and forth. If they lose, they only lose to the 1%. It is nice to serve each other (5times). The only problem is if they lose their balls. You know with eccentric players those balls go flying around and wind up in the craziest places.
With this planet spinning out of control, that is…global warming, aircraft messing up the tropopause and no one cares, viruses going viral where does it end? Maybe, just maybe we can continue to be nice to everyone and not just your ping pong opponent. And save the planet for games to come.


Paradise is my backyard

Ah paradise
Next best to Hawaii
Fox don’t like cat food?

My lot is 1/5 of an acre. 1/3 of that is my backyard. That sounds small and it actually is. But, what if you had that all to yourself? Can you say “mancave”. That is what it is like for most of the year. And northern Virginia has the luxury of 4 seasons.
During football season I can bring my TV outside. I got a plastic sawhorse and mounted the TV to that. Then I have a satellite with a cable outside and plug that into the TV. Viola, now all I need is a beverage.
I also have a putting green that my brother-in-law installed for me. It is great when my friends bring over their kids. Of course they always win. #imaloser
Then there is just enough open lawn to play croquet and badminton which I can prepare in 15 minutes.
I also have a firepit with lots of wood and leaves to burn. The subdivision was created just after WWII so there are huge trees everywhere.
And because it is so old, all of nature’s critters like to come and visit. But, you have to pay close attention. They are a little sneaky. One night I was laying out catching some moon rays on a beautiful night. When I heard this crunching noise; I thought it was a neighborhood ferrel cat that I sometimes put some cat food out. But, instead it was a raccoon whom now I call Crunchy. But, instead of chasing him off I just layed there. And 5 minutes later 2 of his little Cubs showed up. And boy was that cool. They started chasing each around the ‘small’ yard like they were playin tag. And I blame Crunchy for digging up a cherry tomatoe I had planted on the side yard because it started to go bad. Then a few months later I found it growing in the front yard under some bushes. I guess it went in one way and out the other.
I’ve seen a possum, but, not lately. Maybe he was chased out by the local fox or racoon. Unfortunately we had a couple rats. But, I think the rat trap made them move to another neighborhood. There are a couple stone retaining walls which used to house a few chipmunks. But, 1 died in a rat trap. It scared them to move to my neighbors yard. Except yesterday there were two ferrel cats ready to pounce at something in the stone wall. Then we have the deer. I think they work for the gardening center because they always remove my flowers. Once I saw two deer standing there and countering them there were these 2 cats 10 feet away. They all stared each other down like they were going to fight. The cats even hissed at them like they were gonna attack.
Talk about squirrelly? One squirrel had the audacity to eat some of the cat food. So me being the hero I reached down to pick up the bowl. And guess what! The #÷%£₩ squirrel swiped it’s paw at me and scratched the #)+@^ out of me. No, I didn’t cry, but, it left 4 little bleeding scratches in a row.
Of course there are many species of birds of which I donate food. The previous owner left me a stack of rotten wood. There a piliated wood pecker found himself a feast. That bird was pecking so hard it sounded like a machine gun and wood was flying all over.
Sometimes I pitch up my tent. My “favorite” neighbor calls it my dog house. I wonder what that means.

Note: today I saw a chipmunk,  1st time in 20 years!



We pulled onto Finland

Land Hoe!
Welcome to Helsinki
(Hell sink me)

Our ship ran aground, but, there is no evidence …
It is in the fog

Having explored American and Finnish newspapers there seems to be no accident at all.

“That’s where I met you baby”
Lyrics by Dan Shea

Pulled into Finland
can’t say unnoticed
was a foggy morning
but wasn’t its coldest

I hit the beach
was me and a friend
started to party
like there wasn’t no end

that’s where I met you baby
and walked you on home
I kissed you goodnight
you left me all alone

it happens every time
And every port
I fall in love but
it’s always too short

we pulled into heaven
on a nuclear cloud
the harps were playing
but the fusion too loud

that’s where I met you baby
and walked you on home
I kissed you goodnight
you left me all alone

Note: this is when my ship ran aground in the 80s. I met a young lady at a USO club. After 10 or 15 years of correspondence we thought it best if we quit writing. Now with Instagram we sort of restarted our friendship.
Our ship ran aground (under the water) when we came too close to an island. The navigation information was iffy because the true north device (gyroscope) was down. Following the mothership may not have been the best idea. But, we brought aboard a Finnish Pilot because he was supposed to know the route to our pier. He does this all the time and pretty sure none of our crew on the bridge had that info. The shot in the boot was we were weaving our way around a bunch of islands and there it was…a large cloud/fog bank took us off guard. And the captain probably should have said all engines back instead of all engines stop. And we just sort of coasted into the coast of a tiny island with one house on it. The rest is history or no; they forgot to print it?
P.S. I was in charge of the ship’s log book. Meaning I took notes of all the commands given. When the Captain went to trial for negligence or something they asked me for a statement and I told them my deck log spoke for itself and I swear by it. So, I wasn’t required to go to trial.


White Ink Blues

Not my type
No Joke! I’m no typewriter

After typing all day I noticed I used up all my ink. I had so much to say. Maybe that is why no one will read my stuff…
Last year we went to the beach like we do every year. I sat down at a bar. I usually like meeting new people. That’s why I play golf. But, this couple at the bar sort of irritated me. Anyway this guy next to me asked me if I had any children. Well, I didn’t really think about it much before that. Now, I think about it alot. Maybe too much.
So, I was the youngest of five. Did my father leave my mother because of me? Was it too much to take care of? Lots of questions developed. Kids cost too much both time and money. My dad had a barn with ponies and cows and my job was to clean it. So shovelling manure has to count for something. Sometimes people lose their child and morn for the rest of their lives. Some people abuse their children who knows why. Then there is the passing of the genes.
Cats and the Cradle (Harry Chapin) was a very good song. It had lots of meaning. And Loggins & Messina had a hit named Danny’s Song. Maybe that was my goal. Lord knows I practiced as often as possible. And maybe I do have children that I don’t know about. I was in the Navy. I’m not trying to sell my “Dan’s Date Stamp App”. I’m just trying to get this out of my mind #whiteink.
I heard if you get an abortion they do something to prevent you from getting pregnant again. That I don’t know too much about. And there are a lot of protesters out there. Some are for women’s rights to have an abortion and others say women don’t have the right. Not getting mixed up with that one, but, it is an argument concerning to have children or not.
Is the population of the world overflowing; perhaps we need a war before having more children. There is also a deadly virus going around killing people left and right of China.
There are sperm banks looking for samples, perhaps they need more of the superior race. Which I believe is a mixture of all. Sort of like “Pea green soup” fresh out of the melting pot.
Some pets require tending, some make it on their own and some, like war dogs, help others. I guess I am the pet that needs attention.
This white ink better work or I’ll get in trouble. Some get white tattoos but, that would be permanent.


Gasses Glasses

I didn’t do itDon't Fart at the FireGlasses sees gasses?

Fade in:
College scientific lab, just before lunch

In a small suburban city, at the University of Knoxton, a freshman and his professor of science discover a new technology. The Gasses Glasses as they discover would allow them to see gasses. With this new technology they can observe the different gasses such as oxygen, carbon monoxide and even ethanol. The gasses are differentiated by color and shapes of bubbles and also differentiated by their concentration.  The size of the bubbles, similar to The Lawrence Welk Show gone crazy indicates a great deal.  Bubbles are everywhere and with the aid of the Gasses Glasses the scientists become more informed as to the need and purpose of viewing these gasses.

They believe they can help the government and country with this idea. Being able to detect toxic gasses or wartime chemicals would be an outstanding asset. But, the worldwide group of chemical dealers and gas industrialists want to keep these Gasses Glasses for themselves or worse yet, destroy them so no one can see all the toxic pollution which these major industries are spilling into the atmosphere.

In the beginning a freshman bug-eyed geek of a chemistry student is razzed by his fellow students. Part of the initiation for his fraternity was to hold him down and take turns flagellating on his face. He has this condition that when he gets a concentrated gas in his eyes it makes him cry.  It is sort of like cutting onions.  This disturbs the geek so much, but, it also puts an idea in his head (the real discovery of the origin of gasses glasses is secret, but, fits in). That is when he goes back to the lab with his professor’s help and discovers the Gasses Glasses.

He wears the glasses walking across campus laughing hysterically at the sight of actually seeing fellow students and professors’ flagellating.  It’s all fun and games at this time.  He points out who is farting.  With a little inquiring he is able, after a while, to determine the quantity and ingredients that were consumed by others.  This is based off the color, size and shape of the bubbles.  The bubbles duration also indicates the composition.

The student’s name is William Weap.  He is in his second year and of the geek type for sure.  He hasn’t decided on a major. But, he wants to do something cool.  So, after discovering these glasses he knows he’s on the right track.

His professor is of a different sort. He has racked up a debt and tries to sell the gasses glasses to an unknown buyer.  Such a buyer is willing to sell to the highest bidder some of which are pure evil.

WILLIAM Weap: 1st year geek goes to

These gasses glasses have many more different uses than seeing colorful shapely farts.  Gas stations can meter how much of wasted fuel evaporates from their pumps. Other polluters can be halted by the government…and taco stands can track their customers.

The major buyer of the gasses glasses is a country that wants to use chemical weapons to occupy their neighboring countries and go unnoticed.  The gasses glasses would reveal such an act.

The only worthy group to really possess the gasses glasses are an under-ground group that actually wants to protect the world from the evil whether they are terrorists, dictators or greedy.  They are the middle class.  Anonymously, they form their own group of world savers.  They find where other groups try to harm others in mass quantities and bring them to a halt and justice. Sometimes help those individuals that are less fortunate.

All of these groups chase each other and Willie and the professor around in circles.  Meanwhile they are the only two who know how the gasses glasses work and they see really weird gasses everywhere.  Some are good and some are awful.  But, they are everywhere; you just can’t see them with the naked eye. A bad example is the Coronavirus.

After getting his invention into the right hands, Willie joins the group and uses his gasses glasses to save the world just like he always wanted.


This is Discussing #disgusting


Shhh Thanks for the bribe

By Mr. Trump winning the impeachment trial all is becoming his world. His head is now exploding. Just like that resemblance balloon floating around at an anti-Trump rally. Now it makes him look good. It’s like a bully is brought to the principal’s office and the principal let’s him go because of a technicality. That just makes the bully go on a rampage pulling girls hair, kicking kids in the shin walking down the hallway and even shooting the bird to the teachers.

Now if he wasn’t a spoiled brat I could almost like him. But, his flaunting of his power and money and womanizing, it is just disgusting.  I believe I know someone similar to this, but, not with the power to send thousands of armies into action and put their lives on the line. There is some strategy to show your muscles indicating that you are prepared to fight if necessary. But to show it to yourself in front of a mirror with everyone watching is utterly unbecoming. And makes your enemies think you are crazy making them mistrust you even more (which can become very chaotic).
To have a trial without evidence is like a story without a picture. You want to picture the definition of “quid pro quo” but it is a foriegn language. It does get translated to English but you sort of lose something. Have you ever spoke with someone from a foreign language and they laugh at you because you mispronounced something that changed the word drastically. It is disgusting in that person’s mind. But, if you show them a picture on your cellphone they say oooh. Now they got it. And that’s a foreign language! Many people in the South have a hard time being understood from the rest of Americans. And basically that can be said from portions of Americans across the United States. Each area has there own twang. And don’t forget about Hawaiians and Alaskans. The point is it is so much easier to understand what someone is describing with material evidence. Those Republicans that voted against material evidence being allowed should be jailed for 60 days. Do you need evidence to prove they were wrong for not allowing evidence》No. Mr. Barr holds none accountable but, he could. Look at Mr. Nixon, he tried to punish 200 of his adversaries for their innocence.
This country doesn’t need division anymore. We need an independent that everyone knows. Unfortunately the best pick is a movie star. A honest, funny, dependable, generous person, exmilitary would be great, someone like Mr. Clint Eastwood would work except he may be a NRA advocate.
The point is to make America wonderful again. It is disgusting that America is the laughingstock of the world. Instead of a bully, egomaniac, groping country we should be the kind and generous country.

Statues to me

Statue in Richmond
A hero for all

Statues go way back. The first statues were to honor the gods. Being nice to the gods was very nice. And in return they will be nice to you and protect you. You depict them the way you want. Who can argue? Perhaps if someone takes over your country they can tear down and mount their own god.
The Gods slowly eliminated each other down to one last standing.
Then the dictators were honored with statues by there own request or the people who served them. Even Mr. Putin approved a statue of himself. Guess who is next?

St. Francis
St. Francis, Animal Lover

Then in a more civilized society statues were depicted for our brothers and sisters who had died for us and those to come. But, in the case of the Civil War some honor some heroes and not others. That is understandable. Those that wish they hadn’t lost the war wish to hold on to memories of what it could have been like. Sort of like the rebel flag. If they acknowledge they lost then it makes them feel like losers. But, before the war they were part of a great country and once again they are. If some people are offended by statues in the middle of an intersection they should not have to; out of courtesy. Germany doesn’t have any statues of Hitler. Though those two should not be compared; it is an example of bygone being bygones. Instead of having statues scattered about they should move all the Civil War heroes to “Civil War Parks”. Then if you want a little history you can visit and relive the free world.

My heroes
Little men, big hearts

PS- I grew up on the rough side of town. I probably lost a fight every other day. I had to get over it or else. Come to think about it: the kids that kicked my butt were mostly bigger than me because the smaller ones knew better.


Knight, some nights

...Ali of thoughts

    >Does it make you think?

…Ali of thoughts

Have you ever wondered what someone else was thinking? Mostly you look at them and their facial expression and you semi-immediatly know what they are thinking. You go to a fast food place with your kid and you look up at the menu and you look over to your kid and you see the smile from ear to ear and eyes wide open. We all know what that means.
People are very similar in many ways and the brain is no different. Yes they come in different colors, sizes and matter. But, they all develop differently with age, exercise and feeding. There are also other factors such as sports and accidents. Football should switch to inflated/balloon helmets and stop direct hits at the line of scrimmage. It is a tough guy game but, if you don’t learn the dangers then they will outsmart you. #Ali
In junior high school I was bussed to the other side of town. On the first day I got in a fight. I was winning when I got struck from behind. From then on everyone wanted to prove themselves and fight me. Some won and some lost. I know how Mahamad Ali felt. One day hanging out behind the gym I walked up to a couple guys. And one of ’em says ‘hey run’. Without thinking I started running and lord to behold a rock hits me in the head. #Ali
Then there was the U.S. Navy where we had a little coming home party. I was about to leave and out of NOWHERE this fellow shipmate co-cocked me. I think I passed out. #Ali
Then there was the time I went to Baltimore to watch a baseball game. Afterward I decided to take a walk. These two guys were coming at me smiling from ear to ear and as they walked past…one of them punched me in the face and knocked me down. #Ali
You won’t believe this one, but, anyway…I was walking with a friend after drinking at a bar in Manhattan. My friend said RUN! And I said ‘what?’ and a van pulled over. The passenger jumped out and hit me over the head with a baseball bat. I woke up the next morning in a hospital. The Doc kept trying to xray my head. But, not knowing where I was or what happened…I kept hiding the x-ray plate under my mattress. #Ali
Another time at a bar in Fairfax, VA I got in a fight in the parking lot. This guy was sitting on my chest and started banging my head on the asphalt. #Ali
My coiffeusse said my head looked like a road map. The point is: too much head damage can effect your thinking. I think.
Then there are the effects of alchohol on the brain. They say my father and grandfather both had alzheimer’s symptoms even though it wasn’t known at the time. They both drank alot. With the nut/tree reference; I’m in a lot of trouble. #Ali

It probably doesn’t help to be the youngest of five where your siblings like to spin you in the clothes dryer. #airfluff


Lone soles blues

Lost at land
Walkin’ on ‘d dock of ‘d bay

Hearing about people walking in parks or on the streets getting mugged all the time is despicable. People should always pair up before taking a walk. Unless they are close proximity to one another and have it planned to meet. But from a criminal aspect, crooks don’t want to hold up, rape or terrorise unless it is a person going solo. It is just too much trouble to deal with two people at once.

Climbing through storm sewer pipe was an old pastime. Perhaps just getting lost was a good way to pass the time. But, it’s always interesting and time consuming. It’s like exploring places not on maps.

Walking alone you may believe is enlightening. You get to talk to yourself without getting interrupted with some one liner that really doesn’t make sense. But, you can walk with someone and maybe ignore them, on and off. They may even ignore you. Henry David Thoreau really liked walking, but, he was mostly a loner and he didn’t have to worry about being mugged.
And like walking the same goes with walking your dog, jogging, swimming, camping and biking. You have to team up. ‘Two’s company’ was an accurate method of satisfying one’s request to brother up with another. Plus, most sidewalks are only sized for two. By the way, when you see someone come from the opposing direction slide over behind your friend and stay to the right (like the way Americans drive). And also smile and wave to them. That is just being kind and understanding. Another noble thing you can do is take a trash bag with you. At the very least is not to throw trash on the ground!
In the Navy there was an unwritten rule when going ashore in any port you were to go with another. That way someone always had your back.


Comin’ out of the Chartroom #closet

Hey! Knucklehead…Close the door!

The navy really was an adventure. I joined bootcamp on my 18th birthday. I had to get out of Memphis. My superior joked at me.  We had to shit, shower and shave in 10 minutes. Me, having never shaved before, cut myself a few times. He joked that most recruits don’t try to commit suicide until 2 or 3 weeks in. That is when it all began.
In “A-school” I was in the top 10% of the class. By doing so I was offered to jump from E-1 to E-4 if I signed up for another year (5 total). Never having been aboard a ship (3 or 4 months in) I assumed what’s another year it will be an adventure.
Well time went by. I got in fights with my shipmates. Fell in love with a few girls. Navigated by the stars and had a great time in many foriegn ports.
Off the coast of Beirut we fired flares on the beach to let the enemy know we know where they are. At the same time the Captain and Navigator were in a tiff because someone didn’t sharpen the pencils. That may be where the bad attitude flared up. I guess I always had a bad attitude. Maybe it is more of a rebellious attitude.  Because I was always happy.
Then there is the time we ran aground in Helsinki and the Captain got fired and the Navigator got a promotion.
Mr. Reagan started a war on drugs (when at one time my boss was the chief dealer aboard) and cut costs on the Navy (Never Again Voluteer Yourself). Which in turn meant get rid of some sailors.
That’s when I started getting in trouble. I was accused of stealing, aka making use of some old binoculars stored in the storage bin aka garbage when we got brand new binoculars. Then I was accused of cussing out a superior officer because he got the keys to my truck and parked it on the pier trying to lure me in. It probably didn’t help when the Assistant Navigator ordered me to post on the bulletin board our chain of command. And I misspelled the abreviation for Assistant.
Because I went UA to New Orleans on a trip already planned and paid for. Then there was misconduct when I brought aboard a female companion with some non-alcoholic beer. And finally back to the drug test I guess I passed with flying colors. All of these mistakes added up and got me kicked out a few months before I was supposed to be discharged honorably.
I have been embarrassed about this for 30 years. It is a shame. My dad (3 years in the Navy) said he was ‘disappointed’ in me. That’s probably the worst of it all. That and losing my college money I saved up the whole time was negated; and still annoys me today. Now I am coming out of embarrassment, the closet and the chartroom -standing up for my first 4 years. Thankyou.

And a second thought or third, I watched all of these war movies growing up and they all had rebels.

…and…I am still a VET even though I got an OTH


A prison not my own

My bars are my own
Let me in?

Today is my lucky day. I was released from a mental institution and ready for a glass of wine. I’m not sure why I was put in there. I didn’t hurt anyone. Maybe I was mean to my wifee? But all wives deserve a little poking otherwise they would dominate you. Not spousal abuse; just a little ballast so the ship doesn’t sink.
I admit to forgetting stuff all the time but doesn’t everyone? Actually I forgot a lot of stuff. Maybe that was my problem. I forgot to remember stuff. I would keep asking the same questions over and over and forget the reason why I asked the question. I guess it gets annoying to others. But recently I have been taking … uh, Ginko, yes, and I believe it really works.
It is dangerous to forget where you are going and its actually dangerous for a lot of things. There are minor things like forgetting to feed the dog and major things like leaving the oven on. I don’t want to burn down the house even though I could use a little remodeling. #dontblameme
I remember visiting with my dad at his farm in Wisconsin. And he went to town to get some more beer. (Not like I had to have more beer?; #otherstory). He wasn’t at the local pub. He was driving up and down main street. I whistled at him and he pulled over. He said he forgot how to get home (after 20 years). I elected to drive him home and from then on it went down hill. He was put in a mental institution and he passed away a month later. The actual cause of death is a mystery. Maybe someone did him justice with a pillow, it is not in the records. Actually I forgot.
Some call it Alzheimer’s or maybe dementia. The ginko really helps. I used to have a nice career and all of a sudden I couldn’t add and subtract. I had to really think about it. What was very simple all of a sudden became difficult. The web helped to discover the ginko. A natural remedy for a bad memory, ginko is the answer. After taking ginko for a couple months you will feel a lot better about yourself. And that is what you really need. Feel good about yourself. This isn’t an advertising scheme for ginko, but, just a solution.
It is going to be so great to get back home, make a fire and drink a glass of wine. Maybe a little macramé blanket, a foot massage and a couple…Well we won’t get in to that. Just let your imagination run wild. And don’t forget to take your ginko!


The Day the Barn Burnt Down to the Ground

What smells?
Long gone

I wrote this song after my Dad burnt his own barn down. He was burning trash a little to close. When I was growing up (youngest of 5) I had to clean the barn because we all had chores to do and I was delegated to the task. One sibling told me if I clean the barn barefooted it would kill my ‘athletes foot’. Of course everyone knows that barns that store cattle all winter: the flooring isn’t just straw but also manure a foot or so deep.

Brother One: I was in the field bailing hay
when I saw the sky was black and gray
I hurried home, but, it was too late…

Sister: I was in town, shopping around
And bought a lovely gown
And was turned around, and it was too late…

Brother Two: I was canoeing down on the Wisconsin,
caught some fish and went a swimming and so was too late…

Brother three: I was at the neighbor’s, but I didn’t kiss her,
I didn’t even touch her, we were racing thru the cornfield and saw it too late…

Brother four: I wasn’t smoking weed,
I was cleaning the stalls, when a cow kicked over a lantern…

My great friend “Fred Kenny Price” provided the awesome music!