Comments…a Pain In The Throat

I love my blog even though it costs me/my wife to display some really good articles, great ideas and even some bullstuff. Butt, these scammers are really getting on my nerves and that probably is what promotes these “comments”. What did I do to them? Maybe my article on assvertising got them fired up, but, […]

Does money grow on trees?

Do you have 50 bucks? Give it to me and I’ll give you 50 thousand! Thanks, but, I need 200 more before I can give it to you. No reely? (This is a good start for the use of my license plate “REELY”) You can hook them, but, can you reel them in? I once […]

I. I. I. – Is It Impossible?

Impossible to have 3 eyes? IS IT IMPOSSIBLE… Is it impossible that Russia is in the “Arms” racket? How much money will be spent to fight a war? Soldier lives don’t matter! Are these world leaders only in it for the money? Is it impossible that Putin, worth 80 billion, only wants his ego to […]