Comments…a Pain In The Throat

Say dat again
Bad Examples 

I love my blog even though it costs me/my wife to display some really good articles, great ideas and even some bullstuff. Butt, these scammers are really getting on my nerves and that probably is what promotes these “comments”. What did I do to them? Maybe my article on assvertising got them fired up, but, hey that is just an opinion, like most of my stuff.
Comments include different languages, porno and medicines from different countries and countless others I don’t want to advertise.
Some of the stupid comments come from other countries like China and Russia trying to make some kind of contact just to get on people’s nerves and it works. That is mostly why I am writing this stupid article. It makes you want to vent out.
There are very few of those honest souls that actually care about others and I want to thank you. It is just really bothersome to go through so many comments that are just some idiots (including me) wasting everybody’s time.
Please keep your comments to yourself unless you want to give me a super thumbs up. Actually if you want to leave me an honest comment start the comment with “*****” and I can search and block out all the worthless comments. Thank you for listening and not commenting!


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I am a happily married knucklehead. Born in Chicago and raised in Memphis and Prairie du Chien Wis. I wish someone would benefit from my ideas. And I wish I didn't get so many spams. #niceday