The Hot Micecattears

Start your firepit

No mice allowed

If it’s not light, then it’s heavy.
Last night was sort of nice out.  Though it is mosty nice in my back yard.  Last night I pitched my tent and had some beer. Also to finish things I made a fire in my fire pit. The best kind are those with wheels so you can move it out of the wind or put it at the opening of the tent; except make sure it is far enough away so the smoke doesn’t come in. And don’t get “Made in China” they only last 8 months.
Anyways,  there is a trick to start a fire. One is to just use a liquid and burn your eyebrows off or…you can get a bud-light box. Make sure all the cans have been properly disposed of. Then take your Sunday newspaper and ball it up, if you still get it. Or you can burn your bill’s. Just joking. And then layer the box with newspaper and small branches. My shed speaks a thousand words, but, then the mice arrive.
Not knowing there were mice in there the fire got reely hot! While watching the bud-light burn something freaked me out. There were these two mice in there. And the fire was starting with a lot of heat and smoke. They were climbing up and down the sides made of steel mesh like the world was coming to an end. It was reely freaky!
Taking the top off is good for nature lovers and the ferrel cats. And leaving it on is sort of mean. Deciding the top should come off or not was easy. One of the little rodents jumped out into a neighboring unoccupied empty chair and took off from there. The other one is sort of hiding and we may not ever know.


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