Yay, Let’s have another war!

Target practice anyone

Target practice anyone

“All Quiet on the Western Front” is a World War I movie about Germany and how they were losing people and how terrible wars were. Well tighten up your bootstraps and put your helmet on. Or not. Because the next war won’t have any survivors and maybe no more plants and animals! All’s fair in love and war? Not any more. The next war will be it’s last. At least that is what the president of Russia wants you to believe. And maybe China also. These two are very powerful people. And why? Some countries vote for a president that will take care of it’s citizens and protect them from Dick-taters. Supposedly people vote for those who want to rule the world. Trump-ets signaled on their way to the Capitol, but, we were not ready.

Kings who want to rule the world don’t care what the people want. They just want to go down in history as the greatest sphincter ever. If they knew any better, that is if they are going to kill everyone then there will not be any headlines. Do you really hate everyone so that you want to kill everyone?

Billionaires love arm sales. “Share of international arms exports” according to one article expressing how America is the number one export (39%) and Russia (19%) was number two between the years of 2017 and 2021. Is that a trump era *surprise*?  Possibly our president and the Russian “president” or as some may say “king” that these two planned  this war with Ukraine? There’s nothing like starting a war to sell arms. What else do the two richest and most powerful rulers do in a secret meeting with only two translators. I wonder if they are still alive? I also wonder if these translators are trustworthy.

WWI and WWII were both started by Germany. The second was because of a physco who tricked his country into splitting religions. This might be the era we are experiencing now. There are billionaires all across the world who enjoy their riches. Half of them are arms related. What ever happened to ‘love thy neighbor’? This applies to everyone. It is not based on one country or religion. Love Everyone!

Throw in China somehow and you have another war. What do they want to do with Taiwan? China is the third largest country in the world. Taiwan is about the size of Maryland. Are they just poking the bear? Who knows what went on when our “leader” had a secret meeting with their’s. I’m sure it had something to do with tariffs. China loves to sell anything to America, but, at a cost (to the consumer). Meanwhile the billionaires are making lots of money off cheap crap from China. “Trump that” said someone.

Everyone is talking about voting counts are cheated. Yet, there hasn’t been any proof. The election that needs to be investigated is Trump against Clinton. Trump had Russia/China help him win that one. But, Clinton 2016, being a respected politician allowed Trump to “win” even though he didn’t win the popular vote. All of the votes were so close that if the politicians voted for either one rather than picking a third party who had no chance to win it could have gone the other way.

With all of these complexities it is still livable and we don’t really need a war to move forward. We need to rethink who we elect. These three bozos are examples of who not to elect. They all want to see themselves on TV or computer or internet or newspapers. They want to go into history and they don’t care why. Sort of like one these jerks who starts shooting up crowds just to get attention. Let’s have world peace, at least for the next 20 years….that’s all I got.


Published by Daniel Shea

I am a happily married knucklehead. Born in Chicago and raised in Memphis and Prairie du Chien Wis. I wish someone would benefit from my ideas. And I wish I didn't get so many spams. #niceday