A little Pussy-cat is what he looks like and a little out of focus, but…

In this date and stage of politics one can make up a word and ‘guggle’ it just to make sure it doesn’t already exists. Killaputin is a good example. Killaputin is a word which could mean anything you want. Some may say Killaputin means to remove a rebelous jerk trying to take over the world just for his or her (have to include females) own pleasure and historical transfipulation. (Spel check not working) And in Finnish ‘Kil laputin’ means “I won the game”!

Imagine being the richest person in the world and you were analyzed with rectal cancer. You might think -hey, I can fly around the world in a spaceship and the whole world is going to be so envious. But wait, -I’ll go won further, I will take over the world starting with my brother country next door! …they won’t stop me, they are afraid I will destroy the whole world by flipping a few nuclear missile buttons. I don’t care, I have colon cancer, maybe I will send my children in a spaceship and they can watch it from space. Wait, my children hate me too. #killaputin

Well, that’s that. That might sound a lot like Hitler.  You remember him? He started his own World War. Did he have colon cancer? Why was he so anal? He tried to take out a whole race. And at that time America was debating should we join the war or sit back and watch. The government may have been divided like we are now. And then we got thrown into the war by an attack on Hawaii that was so horrific it can make you sick. Will that happen again before we take “action”?

It’s sort of funny Hitler was not assasinated by his own people. Not all Germans were hateful to another race or creed or followed a ruler that was crazy. Hitler started off by taking over the countries next to him; sound familiar? #killaputin

If you bomb and anal-iate a country next door do you fix and repair all of the damn-ages? Do you bring back all the people you murdered? Do you make slaves of the citizens? Do you let them come into your country and collect welfare? And after you take control of that country, do you attack the next country? If you wanted a country so bad then why didn’t you just buy it? Oh, that’s right you are among the billionaires who make profits by selling weapons, aircraft and gravesites.

Killing a “world leader” should not really happen, but, knocking him over the head with a golf club and cut off his (or her) hands and locking them up in solitary confinement is a good option. #killaputin …or it could be the name of a ferrel pussycat in my backyard.

If you don’t like my article don’t shut down my Instagram account. Freedom of speech is necessary unlike Russia.


Published by Daniel Shea

I am a happily married knucklehead. Born in Chicago and raised in Memphis and Prairie du Chien Wis. I wish someone would benefit from my ideas. And I wish I didn't get so many spams. #niceday