I. I. I. – Is It Impossible?

Impossible to have 3 eyes?

IS IT IMPOSSIBLE… Is it impossible that Russia is in the “Arms” racket? How much money will be spent to fight a war? Soldier lives don’t matter! Are these world leaders only in it for the money? Is it impossible that Putin, worth 80 billion, only wants his ego to go down in history…just like ex. President Trump? Oh, is it impossible that Trump and Putin planned this a couple years ago? Putin has come a long way. He grew up poor, lost family members, and survived the military. Now he is a dictator making wars whenever he wants and making the world scared because he has a trigger finger on thousands of nuclear missiles. He is almost 70 so he knows he won’t last much longer. Is it impossible that this is his swansong? Or maybe, is it possible…that Ukraine needs a good war to lower their population or increase the amount of graves to help the economy or make NATO stress out because we have too much peace in the world? Oh my Kron! Is it impossible that we don’t have enough people dying because of Omicron? Is it impossible we can have a world law that prevents the psychologically unfit politicians from gaining office and also not older than 60 or anyone that got kicked out of the Navy for disrespect.

Some people say “that is impossible” before you even finish what you are saying. Can you convince them to change their mind? NO…it is impossible!

Is it impossible…our country is divided because for the last 40 years when the Republicans had the house, the Democrats tried to work together and when the Democrats had the house the Republicans would shut down any progress the Democrats tried to make. Is it impossible that the Republicans bring arguments like abortions and voters rights just to distract our progress and bring together both sides only to create chaos? Is it impossible that abortions are religious matters? Different religions have different rules not laws. Religion should be separated from the state per the 1st amendment. If you want to ignore the 1st amendment will you also give up the right to bare arms? Is it possible…to save your child’s life by not getting an abortion and then 10 years later you shoot them in a school mass shooting or they shoot you because you don’t know how to lock up your gun or you can’t separate the bullets from the gun?

Is it impossible that 150,000 aircraft flying around the world each day has an affect on earth’s chaotic weather. Is it impossible that all meteorologists have been brainwashed into believing that aircraft are like canoes on Niagara Falls. And is it impossible for no matter how many aircraft fly they will not affect the weather. Even if the exhaust from an aircraft is plus 1,200 degrees and the surrounding air is minus 30 degrees and the barometric pressure will adjust accordingly which no one can see. Or is it impossible that airlines fly in the jetstream to save time and money by having the jetstream move them along faster when half the time they get there too early and they have to sit around waiting because they got there too early. Meanwhile when multiple aircraft fly in the jetstream they ever so slowly change the fragile inner part of the jetstream contributing to our chaotic weather. Is it impossible to stop all aircraft flying in the jetstream for 30 days and see what affects can be prevented? After 911 we stopped aircraft for a week for safety reasons. Let’s try it again for a month and see how much it affects the chaotic weather. Now, is that impossible? You have seen all of those container freighters on the west coast with all of those supplies collecting dust.

Is it impossible that the California forests fires are torched by arsonists/terrorists stopping by the sides of roads? Look at maps when the fires first started and it looks like it is a possibility. Is it impossible that those pyrotechnics are Americans just starting chaotic politics?

The eyes have it. If you can see what I mean.


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I am a happily married knucklehead. Born in Chicago and raised in Memphis and Prairie du Chien Wis. I wish someone would benefit from my ideas. And I wish I didn't get so many spams. #niceday

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