9-10 vs 9-11

In memory of our losses

This “carving” I carved six months to the day after 9-11. I actually had a tree stump looking for a purpose. Anyways, I was born on September tenth and after my birthday in 2001, I was very disappointed (like my dad always thought of me). My point is: do we celebrate 9-11 because so many people were hurt physically and/or physiologically or do we bury it and move on. Do we really celebrate the bombing of Pearl harbor? The terrorists are loving all the publicity they are getting. That is why they did it to us. That and twenty years of war. Do they really gain by starting a war with us? America pours in tons of money, one way or another, especially guns and vehicles.
War is a profit making scheme for so many billionaires. There are those that make weapons, aircraft and vehicles and sell to the government. Then there are some that provide housing, food and clothing. Then there are those which are sacrificing their lives and love volunteering to help others. It really is a shame we still have wars. There are some governments who are trying to help their citizens. While other countries who have dick-taters who only want to go down in history (#trumpdis). Not to say Russia and China have egomaniacs trying to rule the world, but, there are countries who don’t have the ability to remove their “leaders”. Then there are bullies who start a fight (#9-11) just to get the care when they lose.
We should mourn the casualties and friends of those who put their lives on the line for peace. But, to make a big deal out of it is only feeding the bully and inspiring more craziness.
I still cringe when I look at a digital clock and it reads 9-11.
…and back in ’85 I had dinner with a friend at the restaurant “Windows on the World” atop of one of the towers! Who can say that.




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