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One of many hospitals helping everyone.(Inova)

When I grow up I want to be the Head Doctor. I want to walk around room by room checking on all my patients. From maternity to the penthouse all patients are equal. And the doctors on each floor also need the attention of a Head Doctor. Even the cleaning crew could use a good “howdy”.

Just helping people is my goal. How does one help others? In general  it takes money and time. Those two go hand and hand. Money in one hand and food in the other.

Helping others is so satisfying and mostly fun. Try it, you will like it. Think of your favorite thing to do and find a charity that is associated with it. If you like football then volunteer to help kids flag-football team/association whether donating time or money, you can help. Just like so many people trying to help others. Some billionaires help by donating and other billionaires hide all of their money under their mattress just in case there is a pandemic or a Wall Street collapse.

Hospital for All
The Name Speaks for Itself

A place where all humans are equal.

Dick Van Dyke was a Head Doctor on the TV show named Diagnosis Murder and he was like a saint. Besides solving crimes and mysteries he saved hospital patients lives. He stood up for his employees. And he raised a great family. He would have made a great president.

As a Head Doctor I could look into people’s minds and figure out how people could be so hateful, inconsiderate, prejudice, mean, vulgar, friendly, honest, funny, generous and knowledgeable. Prejudice is the most peculiar condition. It is the only one that involves seeing with the eyes. Imagine a blind person sitting in a bar and others around ’em saying the most awful things about other people. I can see how confusing it could be. Imagine someone speaking very vulgarly about someone else whom they never met. How is that possible? Are they from a different team or maybe a different country, a different religion or maybe a different planet. It makes you wonder how someone may know everything about someone without ever meeting them. Only a blind person could figure that out. It would take a Head Doctor to show a blind person how some people are so unreasonable. Now that is using your head.


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