The best web host, as far as I know

Advertising or commercials, same thing? Reely? I don’t know why I hate commercials so much. Maybe because I don’t like being interrupted watching a movie or golf. I have already written an article about how “playing thru” (golf playin-thru yucks) drives me crazy.

My blog doesn’t have any commercials/ads except my note at the end of page 1. And this article maybe? I started out with Greengeeks for about 9 months and then WordPress knocked on my door and they offered to join in. Now we are a team of three. They have been great and have not tried to bully me into an advertising.

They do a very good job and answer my stupidest questions. And I get so many “comments” asking me about how I created such an awesome blog with such a great layout and nice colors (2019).

Maybe after this article goes viral they will give me a lifetime of endless blogging. Of which is to help everyone and not just the billionaires.

Here is a link to Greengeeks:

And here is WordPress:

The best Web Host partner, as far as I know

I guess there is a shorter route to these websites, but, that would mean I would have to promote GOOGLE and that would mean more advertising and I can’t do that.

I think if you go to this webpage I might get credit for you joining our team:

Have fun! C’est la golf


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