Temporary Communist #Bekindist

We can work and play together

Let us not use the term “communist”. It is known to be a bad word. In reality the term was intended to help everyone in the community. But, the money grubbing royalty declared it was okay for them to be richer than heck as long as there were no poor people dying in the street. That is all well and good. It is almost impossible to give everyone the same amount of money and have them spend it equally. Money could be destroyed and forgotten. That is sort of impossible also. At one time someone thought we should destroy all books or something like that. It didn’t work.

The term “Bekindist” could be used to define people who are generous and not racist. Actually the Royalty aren’t racist so much, but, they like to see the poor against the poor. The Bekindists are those that love everyone, even the Royalty. Almost like the root of religious people.

Right now we are going through a very bad economic situation. Small businesses and renters, mortgage payers and everybody else who has a monthly payment need support. All of these monthly payment people cannot pay because they need to stay quarantined until this pandemic is over. In 2008 we had to bail out the banks. Now is the time for them to pay us back. We, the Bekindists need to hold off on accepting monthly payments from everyone that has a monthly payment and just wait until this is over. The government can send this into motion but, they will need the cooperation of the royalty and the Bekindist.

Imagine an old man trying to take care of the neighborhood ferrel cats. In the beginning there are three cats and they could all eat out of the same bowl. Then an out of towner shows up and scares the others away. So now he has to give the new cat his own bowl because he is defensive about the others. Not everyone is equal. Some need more help than others.

The Democrats and Republicans could all be Bekindist except the Republicans hate the Democrats. It may be because the Republicans are more religious. Though we are supposed to keep religion from politics. If we could separate the two then we can agree on almost everything else. But, we are so far divided now it would take a “miracle” to bring us together.

There is a new vaccine almost ready. What will we do with that? Every drug developer is racing to get it first. Are they racing to save the most lives or to make the most money. They were already paid trillions just to find it. I’m pretty sure China has a cure; it was probably them who “tested a rocket”. That theory is based speculation. That is because North Korea and Iran are also hating us since Trump took office.

The Royalty are actually running this country via politics as you can see from the electoral college. And Mr. Trump would have won except he ruined every financial aspect. Though his stats said one thing, but, that was “fake news”.

We (everyone) need to make a plan so when this happens again we will sort of be prepared. We never know when our President will upset another country and have them drop a weapon of destruction on us. #911 #pearlharbor

…article segment about Mr. Trump…
(Iran test fires cruise missiles resistant to ‘electronic war,’ says naval chief
By: The Associated Press, June 18, 2020)
President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers two years ago, launching a maximum pressure campaign against Iran that has pushed the archrivals to the verge of conflict.
…end quote.

Let us not let this happen. We the Bekindists can live together without 20 yaughts each.


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I am a happily married knucklehead. Born in Chicago and raised in Memphis and Prairie du Chien Wis. I wish someone would benefit from my ideas. And I wish I didn't get so many spams. #niceday

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