Ear ache my aye! (Fake news 2)

When someone humbles himself

If only that mask prevented stuff from exiting.

This one person had such a terrible ear ache. What will they do? Went to the doctor. The doctor said the passageway was blocked. Put the three drops in there and call me in the morning. Typical, that one was heard millions of times. But, who listens? One ear is clogged, what about the other?
Citizens across America are either not listening, are unknowledgeable or maybe their ears are plugged? Everyone who is capable of changing their mind because they missed something say AYE!

Trump’s son had a private meeting with China. Later Trump & China’s secret meeting threatened our relationship. Then somehow China released a virus. Now maybe America is doomed. Probably because Trump had his own private war with China and they retaliated. Tariffs are the problem. Note that we send a lot of high quality products to China and they send us stuff that falls apart after three months. Who’s shipping garbage to who?

President Trump met with the ruler of China, Xi Jinping. Secretly where no one will hear. Trump tells the “ruler” I’m going to tariff you for everything and there is nothing you can do. But, the ruler says “if you don’t stop the tariffs then I will give your country a virus that the world has never seen before “. Trump being a gambler/used car salesman laughed and said “just try it”. Perhaps Mr. Trump misheard Mr. Xi Jinping or maybe he had an ear infection? He should get that looked at.

The whole reason he wanted to be president is so he will go down in history books. He probably didn’t mean to be the worst president ever. Now, he just wishes he could fire himself, seeing how the Democrats couldn’t do it. Now that the 2020 election is coming up he can slip through the cracks without any more chaos. He definitely won’t cheat on the election again, like he did in 2016. He definitely won’t get the Russian and Chinese help again. They have had enough of him.

Is it not funny that Mr. Trump came to office and then China quit taking our trash? (We shouldn’t send our trash halfway around the world anyways; next post). The U.S. and China are the two highest economies in the world and they are fighting like neighbors’ dogs! (Sorry to offend dog lovers.) And the fence is seven feet tall. They can’t even see each other. It is more like they are trying to bark the loudest? Perhaps they are both deaf. But, everyone else in the neighborhood has to hear it and can’t believe it.

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