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Free to believe?

Oh My God! …or should I say “Oh Many’s God”?

There was an old TV show like the “twilight zone”. It started out where a meteor was taken from space and given it’s own little space closed off from our atmosphere like an aquarium. It was continuing to spin like it’s own planet. And as days went by the “planet” developed or evolved. But, not like the earth over millions of years. More like a condensed time travel. Over a couple weeks it gained polar caps. Yadda, yadda yadda. Then soon afterward there began the evolution of the plant life like mold on your shower. Then the creation of the atmosphere or maybe that came first. Anyway, then there was the craziest thing. Something almost like a ghost developed. It began communicating with the aquarium/space builder.
This is an example of how it is possible our God was created through the evolution of space. Instead of God creating the universe, it was the other way around. This is just a theory and not a sermon. The point is we don’t really know; there are different possibilities.


Grandma and Grandpa's church
Grandpa built this for his family

People have been taught there is one and only one God and it belongs to them only. The Greeks used to think there were numerous gods. And so did the American Indians. Then there are groups believing in one God only. And all the other gods don’t exist.
Not being a religious fanatic or not. Everyone stands up or kneels down for their God. Imagine there is only one God and everyone loves it. That would eliminate a lot of wars and people hating each other.
Then there will only be hatred between the rich and poor and the racists. One step closer to world peace.
Start off first imagining there is only one God. Second: this God is for all humans (and maybe for the birds and bees). The articles in the bible or scrolls or Torah are stories handed down from generation to generation and language to language. It is difficult to say they are all true. It may be true that some of them are true. So, don’t believe everything you hear (Little Feat: Crazy captain gunboat willie) (John 4:1).
The Earth rotates around the Sun making the Sun the center of our world. And when someone looks up to the heavens they look to the sky; meaning the Sun. Don’t believe the heavens are in the clouds. They are too flexible! The Sun is more logical. And knowing the center of the earth is all boiling lava with little sight of daylight this sounds like HELL! And don’t forget the Moon. That is probably Purgatory.
So, summarizing, hell is the center of the Earth, heaven is the center of the Sun and our world. Don’t believe everything you read. And OMG, God loves everyone!
…and I say my prayers every night, if I’m not drunk.

St. of animals and environment
Feeding all.

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