We pulled onto Finland

Land Hoe!
Welcome to Helsinki
(Hell sink me)

Our ship ran aground, but, there is no evidence …
It is in the fog

Having explored American and Finnish newspapers there seems to be no accident at all.

“That’s where I met you baby”
Lyrics by Dan Shea

Pulled into Finland
can’t say unnoticed
was a foggy morning
but wasn’t its coldest

I hit the beach
was me and a friend
started to party
like there wasn’t no end

that’s where I met you baby
and walked you on home
I kissed you goodnight
you left me all alone

it happens every time
And every port
I fall in love but
it’s always too short

we pulled into heaven
on a nuclear cloud
the harps were playing
but the fusion too loud

that’s where I met you baby
and walked you on home
I kissed you goodnight
you left me all alone

Note: this is when my ship ran aground in the 80s. I met a young lady at a USO club. After 10 or 15 years of correspondence we thought it best if we quit writing. Now with Instagram we sort of restarted our friendship.
Our ship ran aground (under the water) when we came too close to an island. The navigation information was iffy because the true north device (gyroscope) was down. Following the mothership may not have been the best idea. But, we brought aboard a Finnish Pilot because he was supposed to know the route to our pier. He does this all the time and pretty sure none of our crew on the bridge had that info. The shot in the boot was we were weaving our way around a bunch of islands and there it was…a large cloud/fog bank took us off guard. And the captain probably should have said all engines back instead of all engines stop. And we just sort of coasted into the coast of a tiny island with one house on it. The rest is history or no; they forgot to print it?
P.S. I was in charge of the ship’s log book. Meaning I took notes of all the commands given. When the Captain went to trial for negligence or something they asked me for a statement and I told them my deck log spoke for itself and I swear by it. So, I wasn’t required to go to trial.


Published by Daniel Shea

I am a happily married knucklehead. Born in Chicago and raised in Memphis and Prairie du Chien Wis. I wish someone would benefit from my ideas. And I wish I didn't get so many spams. #niceday

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  1. Loved this!! BTW I am Norwegian 50%. My Dad, great grandparents ect were 100% and were married and had their children and weddings in Norway and came back to American to live on a working farm. Great grandparents 1 4 children and grandparents of 15 and my dad was one of 17 children, I believe. It’s always seems to be fait that inter mingle people’s lives as friends. Very special to me, thank you!

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