Gasses Glasses

I didn’t do itDon't Fart at the FireGlasses sees gasses?

Fade in:
College scientific lab, just before lunch

In a small suburban city, at the University of Knoxton, a freshman and his professor of science discover a new technology. The Gasses Glasses as they discover would allow them to see gasses. With this new technology they can observe the different gasses such as oxygen, carbon monoxide and even ethanol. The gasses are differentiated by color and shapes of bubbles and also differentiated by their concentration.  The size of the bubbles, similar to The Lawrence Welk Show gone crazy indicates a great deal.  Bubbles are everywhere and with the aid of the Gasses Glasses the scientists become more informed as to the need and purpose of viewing these gasses.

They believe they can help the government and country with this idea. Being able to detect toxic gasses or wartime chemicals would be an outstanding asset. But, the worldwide group of chemical dealers and gas industrialists want to keep these Gasses Glasses for themselves or worse yet, destroy them so no one can see all the toxic pollution which these major industries are spilling into the atmosphere.

In the beginning a freshman bug-eyed geek of a chemistry student is razzed by his fellow students. Part of the initiation for his fraternity was to hold him down and take turns flagellating on his face. He has this condition that when he gets a concentrated gas in his eyes it makes him cry.  It is sort of like cutting onions.  This disturbs the geek so much, but, it also puts an idea in his head (the real discovery of the origin of gasses glasses is secret, but, fits in). That is when he goes back to the lab with his professor’s help and discovers the Gasses Glasses.

He wears the glasses walking across campus laughing hysterically at the sight of actually seeing fellow students and professors’ flagellating.  It’s all fun and games at this time.  He points out who is farting.  With a little inquiring he is able, after a while, to determine the quantity and ingredients that were consumed by others.  This is based off the color, size and shape of the bubbles.  The bubbles duration also indicates the composition.

The student’s name is William Weap.  He is in his second year and of the geek type for sure.  He hasn’t decided on a major. But, he wants to do something cool.  So, after discovering these glasses he knows he’s on the right track.

His professor is of a different sort. He has racked up a debt and tries to sell the gasses glasses to an unknown buyer.  Such a buyer is willing to sell to the highest bidder some of which are pure evil.

WILLIAM Weap: 1st year geek goes to

These gasses glasses have many more different uses than seeing colorful shapely farts.  Gas stations can meter how much of wasted fuel evaporates from their pumps. Other polluters can be halted by the government…and taco stands can track their customers.

The major buyer of the gasses glasses is a country that wants to use chemical weapons to occupy their neighboring countries and go unnoticed.  The gasses glasses would reveal such an act.

The only worthy group to really possess the gasses glasses are an under-ground group that actually wants to protect the world from the evil whether they are terrorists, dictators or greedy.  They are the middle class.  Anonymously, they form their own group of world savers.  They find where other groups try to harm others in mass quantities and bring them to a halt and justice. Sometimes help those individuals that are less fortunate.

All of these groups chase each other and Willie and the professor around in circles.  Meanwhile they are the only two who know how the gasses glasses work and they see really weird gasses everywhere.  Some are good and some are awful.  But, they are everywhere; you just can’t see them with the naked eye. A bad example is the Coronavirus.

After getting his invention into the right hands, Willie joins the group and uses his gasses glasses to save the world just like he always wanted.


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