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By Mr. Trump winning the impeachment trial all is becoming his world. His head is now exploding. Just like that resemblance balloon floating around at an anti-Trump rally. Now it makes him look good. It’s like a bully is brought to the principal’s office and the principal let’s him go because of a technicality. That just makes the bully go on a rampage pulling girls hair, kicking kids in the shin walking down the hallway and even shooting the bird to the teachers.

Now if he wasn’t a spoiled brat I could almost like him. But, his flaunting of his power and money and womanizing, it is just disgusting.  I believe I know someone similar to this, but, not with the power to send thousands of armies into action and put their lives on the line. There is some strategy to show your muscles indicating that you are prepared to fight if necessary. But to show it to yourself in front of a mirror with everyone watching is utterly unbecoming. And makes your enemies think you are crazy making them mistrust you even more (which can become very chaotic).
To have a trial without evidence is like a story without a picture. You want to picture the definition of “quid pro quo” but it is a foriegn language. It does get translated to English but you sort of lose something. Have you ever spoke with someone from a foreign language and they laugh at you because you mispronounced something that changed the word drastically. It is disgusting in that person’s mind. But, if you show them a picture on your cellphone they say oooh. Now they got it. And that’s a foreign language! Many people in the South have a hard time being understood from the rest of Americans. And basically that can be said from portions of Americans across the United States. Each area has there own twang. And don’t forget about Hawaiians and Alaskans. The point is it is so much easier to understand what someone is describing with material evidence. Those Republicans that voted against material evidence being allowed should be jailed for 60 days. Do you need evidence to prove they were wrong for not allowing evidence》No. Mr. Barr holds none accountable but, he could. Look at Mr. Nixon, he tried to punish 200 of his adversaries for their innocence.
This country doesn’t need division anymore. We need an independent that everyone knows. Unfortunately the best pick is a movie star. A honest, funny, dependable, generous person, exmilitary would be great, someone like Mr. Clint Eastwood would work except he may be a NRA advocate.
The point is to make America wonderful again. It is disgusting that America is the laughingstock of the world. Instead of a bully, egomaniac, groping country we should be the kind and generous country.

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I am a happily married knucklehead. Born in Chicago and raised in Memphis and Prairie du Chien Wis. I wish someone would benefit from my ideas. And I wish I didn't get so many spams. #niceday

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