Statues to me

Statue in Richmond
A hero for all

Statues go way back. The first statues were to honor the gods. Being nice to the gods was very nice. And in return they will be nice to you and protect you. You depict them the way you want. Who can argue? Perhaps if someone takes over your country they can tear down and mount their own god.
The Gods slowly eliminated each other down to one last standing.
Then the dictators were honored with statues by there own request or the people who served them. Even Mr. Putin approved a statue of himself. Guess who is next?

St. Francis
St. Francis, Animal Lover

Then in a more civilized society statues were depicted for our brothers and sisters who had died for us and those to come. But, in the case of the Civil War some honor some heroes and not others. That is understandable. Those that wish they hadn’t lost the war wish to hold on to memories of what it could have been like. Sort of like the rebel flag. If they acknowledge they lost then it makes them feel like losers. But, before the war they were part of a great country and once again they are. If some people are offended by statues in the middle of an intersection they should not have to; out of courtesy. Germany doesn’t have any statues of Hitler. Though those two should not be compared; it is an example of bygone being bygones. Instead of having statues scattered about they should move all the Civil War heroes to “Civil War Parks”. Then if you want a little history you can visit and relive the free world.

My heroes
Little men, big hearts

PS- I grew up on the rough side of town. I probably lost a fight every other day. I had to get over it or else. Come to think about it: the kids that kicked my butt were mostly bigger than me because the smaller ones knew better.


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