Lone soles blues

Lost at land
Walkin’ on ‘d dock of ‘d bay

Hearing about people walking in parks or on the streets getting mugged all the time is despicable. People should always pair up before taking a walk. Unless they are close proximity to one another and have it planned to meet. But from a criminal aspect, crooks don’t want to hold up, rape or terrorise unless it is a person going solo. It is just too much trouble to deal with two people at once.

Climbing through storm sewer pipe was an old pastime. Perhaps just getting lost was a good way to pass the time. But, it’s always interesting and time consuming. It’s like exploring places not on maps.

Walking alone you may believe is enlightening. You get to talk to yourself without getting interrupted with some one liner that really doesn’t make sense. But, you can walk with someone and maybe ignore them, on and off. They may even ignore you. Henry David Thoreau really liked walking, but, he was mostly a loner and he didn’t have to worry about being mugged.
And like walking the same goes with walking your dog, jogging, swimming, camping and biking. You have to team up. ‘Two’s company’ was an accurate method of satisfying one’s request to brother up with another. Plus, most sidewalks are only sized for two. By the way, when you see someone come from the opposing direction slide over behind your friend and stay to the right (like the way Americans drive). And also smile and wave to them. That is just being kind and understanding. Another noble thing you can do is take a trash bag with you. At the very least is not to throw trash on the ground!
In the Navy there was an unwritten rule when going ashore in any port you were to go with another. That way someone always had your back.


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