Chaotic weather can be controlled?

Temporarily Serious
Temporarily Serious

After watching a TV show about a court case, it sparked something. The person on trial was accused of fraud because no one believed him. He said he had a plan to remedy, not global warming, but chaotic weather. Global warming may take some time, but, perhaps reducing chaotic weather is a good start.
His theory was because aircraft exhaust was so hot and it shoots the exhaust in such cold air that it must churn up the upper atmosphere. And not only churn up the temperature but also churn up the barometric pressure. Both of those are near impossible to see to the naked eye. It is understandable people don’t believe anything if they can’t see it; or smell or taste it or hear it or touch it, yadda yadda yadda. It is only religion people believe without any proof.
Actually maybe God is mad because we are ruining the earth. Beware of lightning.
So many people claim they are 100 percent sure about something. And maybe they are 100 percent ‘sure’, but, that doesn’t mean they are 100 percent correct. The weatherman says 90 percent chance of rain. A bull-spitter will say he is sure a 100 percent about anything, etc. You can guarantee (100%) if you flip the light switch; the light will come on. But, what if the light bulb is out or there is a bad connection?
And what if 150,000 aircraft a day around the world were churning up the tropopause (the barrier between two different atmospheres) creating patches of unpredictable weather conditions? What are the odds? If you say you are totally sure that it is impossible then maybe you are right. What if since aircraft do effect the upper atmosphere maybe they could be used to create a high pressure system which is caused by a concentration of hot air. The theory is if (maybe 30-40) aircraft were deployed to create a circle or oval pattern in a particular area in a clockwise direction then maybe we can create our own high pressure system. By using this method in an area where the eye of the hurricane is tracking toward an island, perhaps it can be diverted or at least slowed down. Now nobody can guarantee this will work. But, we could give it a try. There is a model that weather persons could use to test it on a smaller scale. Or the next time there is a hurricane one of those many billionaires could find such a cause.
There is also the issue of if you divert the storm it is just going to hit somewhere else. But, not if you slow it down. If you create a high pressure system the low pressure system will then decrease. At least according the dude accused of fraud.


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