…and pick up that garbage-

>Just a walk in the park.

Exercise is the second way to live. First of course is eating. But, exercise is so easy. Try walking. I try to walk everyday in addition to normal life. I have a nice little park a few blocks away. There is a beautiful little stream running through it. But, wait, I mean STOP and pick up that garbage!

I understand it is gross, but, we are needlessly defacing our planet and our offspring’s planet. Many people walk their dog and carry a little bag to contain their dogs’ litter. That is very kind of them. Some of them wear gloves, some carry a little shovel and some just use a little bag, pick up the stuff and turn the bag inside out and voila’ the stuff is contained.

It is a great idea to take a walk and pick up someone else’s trash. But, what about the idea of NOT throwing trash on the ground in the first place. Just hold on to it until you walk by the proper place to unload it; like a garbage can.

This may sound a little harsh, but, really, don’t be like a stray dog.

Adopting a highway is one of the best ideas ever. I once adopted a stretch of road. I got a sign with my name on it and everything. Yes, and it said “Dan Shea and Friends”. It’s funny as the cleaning episodes passed so did my friends.

Once I was walking around the block. And in front of me twenty paces were these three high school students. One of them threw a soda fountain cup on the ground. I, being a good samaritan and don’t know how to mind my own business, whistled at them and told him to pick it up. He looked confused like no one had ever corrected him before.

Henry David Thoreau once said “I am alarmed when it happens that I have walked a mile into the woods bodily, without getting there in spirit.” They didn’t have a bunch of trash laying around the place back then. Or he might have said “the path we walk was laid by our forefathers and intended for future generations, so, STOP, and pick up that garbage!”

Well, it is time to get some more exercise. Someone has to go to the store and get something for somebody.


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I am a happily married knucklehead. Born in Chicago and raised in Memphis and Prairie du Chien Wis. I wish someone would benefit from my ideas. And I wish I didn't get so many spams. #niceday

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