…little birdies in one round of golf->A gander of gosling.

Playing golf is fun. It is challenging and offers a lot of exercise. I mostly enjoy being partnered with others, it’s called ‘walking on’. When you get partnered with others whom you haven’t met makes it very interesting. Then I get to recycle my jokes and golf stories. And at the end of the day after the ninth hole I shake their hands and always say ‘see you tomorrow’.  I would like to demand you don’t shake hands on the last green, but, do it after you leave the green allowing the group behind you a chance to the same.

The best part of golf and what really makes me feel great is to make a birdie. They don’t come very often, but, boy when they do, it is awesome. But, just because you make a birdie you can’t get too excited. Actually, the important thing is to just brush it off, just like you do when you make a bogey. ‘C’est-la-golf’ means “that’s golf”. Just like life, you live with what you have. Except in golf you live with what you have just done. If you make a birdie or a bogey, you have to continue forward.

I actually enjoy making a good shot. The score doesn’t really matter very much either.  If you make a perfect shot 5 feet from the hole and still miss the putt, it’s ok because the perfect shot was awesome.

I also claim in the summertime I enjoy hitting it in the woods because it is so much cooler. That is my excuse for hitting them there. I also aim four degrees to the left to help the ball go into the center of the fairway. That works about half of the time #selagolf. Another trick of mine is to aim for the sand trap knowing I can’t hit where I aim. That works a lot. And then there is the beer. I call it aiming fluid, but, it is really a relaxer. I only have a couple beers. And I mostly play nine holes. I don’t want to have too much fun. I tell everyone my favorite number is fore! And my wife’s favorite letter is… why?

I also get a mulligan per nine holes. It helps to keep me honest. Yes, my yard is mad at me when I am supposed to be doing yard work and I sneak out and play golf. The yard is always quiet, but, I can feel it. It will grow out of it. Rarely using a golf cart I get a good workout. Though I don’t carry my bag, I use a pull cart. The only sad part is finishing that last hole and not knowing when you are going to play next.


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