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Say dat again
Bad Examples 

I love my blog even though it costs me/my wife to display some really good articles, great ideas and even some bullstuff. Butt, these scammers are really getting on my nerves and that probably is what promotes these “comments”. What did I do to them? Maybe my article on assvertising got them fired up, but, hey that is just an opinion, like most of my stuff.
Comments include different languages, porno and medicines from different countries and countless others I don’t want to advertise.
Some of the stupid comments come from other countries like China and Russia trying to make some kind of contact just to get on people’s nerves and it works. That is mostly why I am writing this stupid article. It makes you want to vent out.
There are very few of those honest souls that actually care about others and I want to thank you. It is just really bothersome to go through so many comments that are just some idiots (including me) wasting everybody’s time.
Please keep your comments to yourself unless you want to give me a super thumbs up. Actually if you want to leave me an honest comment start the comment with “*****” and I can search and block out all the worthless comments. Thank you for listening and not commenting!


Running Aground At Key Bridge

All Aground

I was on a Naval Ship back in 1983 that ran aground in Helsinki Finland.  We had to weave in and around a few islands, but, first we picked up a pilot who was an “expert” for this port. My task was to record everything that happened on the bridge (not a road over the water, but, where the Captain, Navigator, helmsman, Pilot and others who participate in the guidance of the ship). Even with the pilot we elected to follow our “Flagship”. Our problem was that our GPS wasn’t working so, we elected to follow. How hard can it be? Well, we went around an island and guess what? There was a heavy fog bank out of nowhere! Captain said all engines stop! But, it was too late our ship ran aground. Not really causing a lot of damage to anything. It was more like a canoe in the mud. Except we had a sonar dome under water on the foc’s’le (about 8’x8’x6′). That was really stuck in the mud/rocks. We tried to go into reverse and come out but it wouldn’t work without hurting the sonardome. We also tried pulling it out with a couple tugboats and that didn’t work either. So, we waited for the highest tide. And we pumped the water out of the sonardome and filled it with the same pressure of air which lifted the bow a couple extra feet. That allowed us to go into reverse and finally found our dock/pier.
If the Captain had ordered all astern then maybe we could have avoided the incident. He ended up retiring after this cruise. Perhaps if our lookouts had spotted the fog earlier? The pilot should have known where the channel was and should have guided us through the fog, but, no.
Anyways we arrived at our pier a few hours later and the sonardome survived some scratches.
Actually a sister ship of the same model severely damaged their sonardome due to very large waves and going directly into the large waves bouncing up and down. C’est la golf.
After tieing up to the pier we had a very large crowd of people celebrating our “landing”? The crowd motioned our crew to throw their  Dixie cups. I have never seen this before. I had to finish my log finalizing our running aground. After the crowd dissipated I saw a little old man (maybe a drunk) waving at me to give him my Dixie cup.  Me being the cheapest sailor ever and not understanding the Finnish language; utilizing sign language, I asked him for his Irish flat cap. We traded and I still have that hat today!
It’s a wonder that a massive ship carrying way too much stuff can hit a bridge in the middle of the night with a pilot. The purpose of the pilot is to prevent such an “accident”. You are going too fast and aiming directly at a tower holding up the bridge in the middle of the night means you did it on purpose or you are out of your mind?


The Hot Micecattears

Start your firepit

No mice allowed

If it’s not light, then it’s heavy.
Last night was sort of nice out.  Though it is mosty nice in my back yard.  Last night I pitched my tent and had some beer. Also to finish things I made a fire in my fire pit. The best kind are those with wheels so you can move it out of the wind or put it at the opening of the tent; except make sure it is far enough away so the smoke doesn’t come in. And don’t get “Made in China” they only last 8 months.
Anyways,  there is a trick to start a fire. One is to just use a liquid and burn your eyebrows off or…you can get a bud-light box. Make sure all the cans have been properly disposed of. Then take your Sunday newspaper and ball it up, if you still get it. Or you can burn your bill’s. Just joking. And then layer the box with newspaper and small branches. My shed speaks a thousand words, but, then the mice arrive.
Not knowing there were mice in there the fire got reely hot! While watching the bud-light burn something freaked me out. There were these two mice in there. And the fire was starting with a lot of heat and smoke. They were climbing up and down the sides made of steel mesh like the world was coming to an end. It was reely freaky!
Taking the top off is good for nature lovers and the ferrel cats. And leaving it on is sort of mean. Deciding the top should come off or not was easy. One of the little rodents jumped out into a neighboring unoccupied empty chair and took off from there. The other one is sort of hiding and we may not ever know.


We can’t believe you

I salute to you only.                     I salute  to everyone who will listen
After watching a TV show about a court case, it sparked something. The person on trial was accused of fraud because no one believed him. He said he had a plan to remedy, not global warming,  but chaotic weather.  Global  warming may take some time, but, perhaps reducing chaotic weather is a good start.
His theory was because aircraft exhaust was so hot and it shoots the exhaust in such cold air that it must churn up the upper atmosphere. And not only churn up the temperature but also churn up the barometric pressure. Both of those are near impossible to see to the naked eye. It is understandable people don’t believe anything if they can’t see it; or smell or taste or hear it or touch it, yadda yadda yadda. It is only religious people that believe without any proof.
Actually maybe God is mad because we are ruining the earth. Beware of lightning.
So many people claim they are 100 percent sure about something. And maybe they are 100 percent ‘sure’, but, that doesn’t mean they are 100 percent correct. The weatherman says 90 percent chance of rain. A bull-spitter will say he is sure a 100 percent about anything, etc. You can guarantee (100%) if you flip the light switch the light will come on. But, what if the light bulb is out or there is a bad connection? You are wrong.
And what if 200,000 aircraft a day fly around the world were churning up the tropopause (the barrier between two different atmospheres) creating patches of unpredictable weather conditions? What are the odds? If you say you are totally sure that it is impossible then maybe you are right. What if since aircraft do effect the upper atmosphere maybe they could be used to create a high pressure system which is caused by a concentration of hot air. The theory is if (maybe 30-40) aircraft were deployed to create a circle or oval pattern in a particular area in a clockwise direction then maybe we can create our own high pressure system. By using this method in an area where the eye of the hurricane is tracking toward perhaps it can be diverted or at least slowed down. Now nobody can guarantee this will work. But, we could give it a try. There is a model that weather persons could use to test it on a smaller scale. Or the next time there is a hurricane one of those many billionaires could find such a cause. (Actually Musk and Adele would not send me an Instagram picture of them saluting just to prove it was actually them #scammers) #doesmoneygrowontrees
There is also the issue of if you divert the storm it is just going to hit somewhere else.  But, not if you slow it down. If you create a high pressure system the low pressure system will then decrease. At least according to the dude accused of fraud.


Pokin’ Da’ Bears

…if you don’t poke me!

When one apposing country sends a balloon type object into the air of its rival it is called “poking the bear”. Meaning that one is trying to get the other all riled up and start a fight. Does anyone really poke a bear? How stupid is that. In nature maybe a pack of wolves will tease a bear to get it distracted and leave it’s cub alone or maybe a freshly obtained carcass. A bully will tap you on one shoulder and quickly turn his big head and pretend it wasn’t him. That is just being a jerk. I know, I have done that before (oops).

But, the second largest country poking the stomach of the largest country? That is ludicrous! On a somewhat smaller scale you have Russia trying to steal back its brother Ukraine. I’m sure Russia poked Ukraine and they ignored them. And we see what happened. Now China is poking the U.S. REALLY? How do we deal with it, maybe our arch rival just trying to piss us off so they can start a war between us? Are the billionaires that hungry to sell billions of dollars of weapons?

Most people live on this earth to be happy and enjoy life. Does poking the bear make you happy? Then you are sick. If you just poke once then it was just a poor joke. If you keep poking until you deliberately make the bear go crazy then you might deserve to be caught and stripped of your fur and shoved into the bottom of a well.

WWII was started without the U.S. Japan pulled us in by bombarding our Hawaiian Naval Base. No poking about it. We need to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Perhaps we can negotiate with China. Here we have to separate China and Russia so we don’t have two crazy mule enemies. It seems all of those against the U.S. (N Korea)…well, I can’t figure that out. Who doesn’t want world peace?  Oh, that’s it, the billionaires want to sell more weapons.

Complicated political








Get the cat outahere!

Two guesses, Dumb Shit Retirement Fund or Dan Shea Retirement Fund. Either one it doesn’t matter. This article is meant to inspire my siblings to share the wealth. I mean just a little bit of money they can spare. I’m trying to retire early because I am mentally challenged (if that is the correct term). My grandfather might have had Alzheimer’s disease. They put him away because he faught with a black police officer in Chicago back in the 60’s who pulled him over for speeding. Then my dad was put away for not being able to find his way home after getting me some beer going into town. Sounds like they have “awful-driver’s syndrome”. I think I have five or six DWI’s, but, who’s counting?

Anyway I would like to retire in the Caribbean islands somewhere. I can’t keep a job. The last three or four I was “let go” after the thirty day  test. Now I am afraid to even try. My memory is failing and I am afraid it runs in the family. I’m glad my tablet has spell check. (It just corrected “chek”). Anyway three out of four of my siblings are “millionaires”. You would think they want to help their baby brother after tormenting until he joined the Navy on his eighteenth birthday just to get the hell out of Memphis. That’s another story.

I am thinking of tons of Jimmy Buffett tunes lying on the beach checking out the scenery. Maybe I could get a job picking up trash on the beach! Or deliver drinks. After tasting them of course. Another reason I can’t keep a job. My beautiful wife enjoys working. That goes to mind that we need a divorce just so I can get out of her hair. I guess my half of the stuff we have is about $350,000. Even though “Paradise  is my backyard “. I have no idea how much that would last in the Caribbean. Maybe they would kick me out of there also?

It doesn’t help to wake up at four in the morning writing this crab. But, then we get in an argument about all the crap we have. I guess I’m heading for the Caribbean. Watch out Jimmy.


Yay, Let’s have another war!

Target practice anyone

Target practice anyone

“All Quiet on the Western Front” is a World War I movie about Germany and how they were losing people and how terrible wars were. Well tighten up your bootstraps and put your helmet on. Or not. Because the next war won’t have any survivors and maybe no more plants and animals! All’s fair in love and war? Not any more. The next war will be it’s last. At least that is what the president of Russia wants you to believe. And maybe China also. These two are very powerful people. And why? Some countries vote for a president that will take care of it’s citizens and protect them from Dick-taters. Supposedly people vote for those who want to rule the world. Trump-ets signaled on their way to the Capitol, but, we were not ready.

Kings who want to rule the world don’t care what the people want. They just want to go down in history as the greatest sphincter ever. If they knew any better, that is if they are going to kill everyone then there will not be any headlines. Do you really hate everyone so that you want to kill everyone?

Billionaires love arm sales. “Share of international arms exports” according to one article expressing how America is the number one export (39%) and Russia (19%) was number two between the years of 2017 and 2021. Is that a trump era *surprise*?  Possibly our president and the Russian “president” or as some may say “king” that these two planned  this war with Ukraine? There’s nothing like starting a war to sell arms. What else do the two richest and most powerful rulers do in a secret meeting with only two translators. I wonder if they are still alive? I also wonder if these translators are trustworthy.

WWI and WWII were both started by Germany. The second was because of a physco who tricked his country into splitting religions. This might be the era we are experiencing now. There are billionaires all across the world who enjoy their riches. Half of them are arms related. What ever happened to ‘love thy neighbor’? This applies to everyone. It is not based on one country or religion. Love Everyone!

Throw in China somehow and you have another war. What do they want to do with Taiwan? China is the third largest country in the world. Taiwan is about the size of Maryland. Are they just poking the bear? Who knows what went on when our “leader” had a secret meeting with their’s. I’m sure it had something to do with tariffs. China loves to sell anything to America, but, at a cost (to the consumer). Meanwhile the billionaires are making lots of money off cheap crap from China. “Trump that” said someone.

Everyone is talking about voting counts are cheated. Yet, there hasn’t been any proof. The election that needs to be investigated is Trump against Clinton. Trump had Russia/China help him win that one. But, Clinton 2016, being a respected politician allowed Trump to “win” even though he didn’t win the popular vote. All of the votes were so close that if the politicians voted for either one rather than picking a third party who had no chance to win it could have gone the other way.

With all of these complexities it is still livable and we don’t really need a war to move forward. We need to rethink who we elect. These three bozos are examples of who not to elect. They all want to see themselves on TV or computer or internet or newspapers. They want to go into history and they don’t care why. Sort of like one these jerks who starts shooting up crowds just to get attention. Let’s have world peace, at least for the next 20 years….that’s all I got.


Does money grow on trees?

Do you have 50 bucks? Give it to me and I’ll give you 50 thousand! Thanks, but, I need 200 more before I can give it to you. No reely? (This is a good start for the use of my license plate “REELY”) You can hook them, but, can you reel them in?
I once fell for a million dollar scam just until they asked for my personal information. That was a few years ago. How did I fall for it again? Either I am stupid, desperate or over trustworthy. Are they all the same. I guess I could have those qualities. Or perhaps I had a couple beers. Who knows. My wife of course. She unloaded all over me and not with an app.
Maybe it wasn’t a scam and I just was too stupid (possibly).
This person? (Mike Weirsky) on Instagram sent me message saying that he was going to give me 50k cash. All I had to do was send his Agent” a 50 buck “Amazon” card. So I sent him a picture of a card with a verifying code. As much it killed me, I said, it’s only a couple cases of beer. Then they told me they needed 200 bucks to get it delivered. That was going too far. I tried to talk them out of it, but, they had to have it. Now if you have a box of 50k cash couldn’t you steal a hundred dollar bill. No one would notice. So I told them all I had was 32 dollars. THEY SAID OKAY! That was shocking. By this time my beautiful wife caught wind of this scam and I was ordered to cease and desist. So, I had to give up. I tried to tell the dynamic duo and both of them kept begging me like they had to get rid of the money or something. Maybe they were insisting on being nice? I could have used the money to get some of my inventions patented. But, I had to listen to #1 and not two blokes.

Then recently I had another scammer trying to get money I can’t afford. This time it was a “fake Adele” who read my comment to Adele (my hero) and tried to sucker/scam me in. I sure hope famous people are aware that these scammers are using famous names to lure people like me to give them money and it all adds up or down.



A little Pussy-cat is what he looks like and a little out of focus, but…

In this date and stage of politics one can make up a word and ‘guggle’ it just to make sure it doesn’t already exists. Killaputin is a good example. Killaputin is a word which could mean anything you want. Some may say Killaputin means to remove a rebelous jerk trying to take over the world just for his or her (have to include females) own pleasure and historical transfipulation. (Spel check not working) And in Finnish ‘Kil laputin’ means “I won the game”!

Imagine being the richest person in the world and you were analyzed with rectal cancer. You might think -hey, I can fly around the world in a spaceship and the whole world is going to be so envious. But wait, -I’ll go won further, I will take over the world starting with my brother country next door! …they won’t stop me, they are afraid I will destroy the whole world by flipping a few nuclear missile buttons. I don’t care, I have colon cancer, maybe I will send my children in a spaceship and they can watch it from space. Wait, my children hate me too. #killaputin

Well, that’s that. That might sound a lot like Hitler.  You remember him? He started his own World War. Did he have colon cancer? Why was he so anal? He tried to take out a whole race. And at that time America was debating should we join the war or sit back and watch. The government may have been divided like we are now. And then we got thrown into the war by an attack on Hawaii that was so horrific it can make you sick. Will that happen again before we take “action”?

It’s sort of funny Hitler was not assasinated by his own people. Not all Germans were hateful to another race or creed or followed a ruler that was crazy. Hitler started off by taking over the countries next to him; sound familiar? #killaputin

If you bomb and anal-iate a country next door do you fix and repair all of the damn-ages? Do you bring back all the people you murdered? Do you make slaves of the citizens? Do you let them come into your country and collect welfare? And after you take control of that country, do you attack the next country? If you wanted a country so bad then why didn’t you just buy it? Oh, that’s right you are among the billionaires who make profits by selling weapons, aircraft and gravesites.

Killing a “world leader” should not really happen, but, knocking him over the head with a golf club and cut off his (or her) hands and locking them up in solitary confinement is a good option. #killaputin …or it could be the name of a ferrel pussycat in my backyard.

If you don’t like my article don’t shut down my Instagram account. Freedom of speech is necessary unlike Russia.


I. I. I. – Is It Impossible?

Impossible to have 3 eyes?

IS IT IMPOSSIBLE… Is it impossible that Russia is in the “Arms” racket? How much money will be spent to fight a war? Soldier lives don’t matter! Are these world leaders only in it for the money? Is it impossible that Putin, worth 80 billion, only wants his ego to go down in history…just like ex. President Trump? Oh, is it impossible that Trump and Putin planned this a couple years ago? Putin has come a long way. He grew up poor, lost family members, and survived the military. Now he is a dictator making wars whenever he wants and making the world scared because he has a trigger finger on thousands of nuclear missiles. He is almost 70 so he knows he won’t last much longer. Is it impossible that this is his swansong? Or maybe, is it possible…that Ukraine needs a good war to lower their population or increase the amount of graves to help the economy or make NATO stress out because we have too much peace in the world? Oh my Kron! Is it impossible that we don’t have enough people dying because of Omicron? Is it impossible we can have a world law that prevents the psychologically unfit politicians from gaining office and also not older than 60 or anyone that got kicked out of the Navy for disrespect.

Some people say “that is impossible” before you even finish what you are saying. Can you convince them to change their mind? NO…it is impossible!

Is it impossible…our country is divided because for the last 40 years when the Republicans had the house, the Democrats tried to work together and when the Democrats had the house the Republicans would shut down any progress the Democrats tried to make. Is it impossible that the Republicans bring arguments like abortions and voters rights just to distract our progress and bring together both sides only to create chaos? Is it impossible that abortions are religious matters? Different religions have different rules not laws. Religion should be separated from the state per the 1st amendment. If you want to ignore the 1st amendment will you also give up the right to bare arms? Is it possible…to save your child’s life by not getting an abortion and then 10 years later you shoot them in a school mass shooting or they shoot you because you don’t know how to lock up your gun or you can’t separate the bullets from the gun?

Is it impossible that 150,000 aircraft flying around the world each day has an affect on earth’s chaotic weather. Is it impossible that all meteorologists have been brainwashed into believing that aircraft are like canoes on Niagara Falls. And is it impossible for no matter how many aircraft fly they will not affect the weather. Even if the exhaust from an aircraft is plus 1,200 degrees and the surrounding air is minus 30 degrees and the barometric pressure will adjust accordingly which no one can see. Or is it impossible that airlines fly in the jetstream to save time and money by having the jetstream move them along faster when half the time they get there too early and they have to sit around waiting because they got there too early. Meanwhile when multiple aircraft fly in the jetstream they ever so slowly change the fragile inner part of the jetstream contributing to our chaotic weather. Is it impossible to stop all aircraft flying in the jetstream for 30 days and see what affects can be prevented? After 911 we stopped aircraft for a week for safety reasons. Let’s try it again for a month and see how much it affects the chaotic weather. Now, is that impossible? You have seen all of those container freighters on the west coast with all of those supplies collecting dust.

Is it impossible that the California forests fires are torched by arsonists/terrorists stopping by the sides of roads? Look at maps when the fires first started and it looks like it is a possibility. Is it impossible that those pyrotechnics are Americans just starting chaotic politics?

The eyes have it. If you can see what I mean.


Short Legged Stool Blues

Short Legged Stool Blues

This idea came to me sitting at a bar waiting on that someone special. A friend of mine put it to music and I lost the short legged stool blues because I lost it. Now I am looking for a friend who can bring this to music before I get the short legged stool blues.

Sittin at the bar
Thinking of You
I started rockin
And got the short legged stool blues

I see your face
And I see You
I started rockin
And got the short legged stool blues

You asked me my name?
And I told you
I started rockin
And got the short legged stool blues

I told you
I love you
I started rockin
And got the short legged stool blues

Now at d’bar
Thinkin of you
I keep rockin
Cause I got the short legged stool blues


Can we see?

When the two connected, she understood him.

Charlie Chaplin has been my hero for a long time. I always thought that when she received the flower she was electrified and magic made her able to see. In “reality” she had surgery paid for by Charlie and that is how she was able to see again.

This informs me that sometimes people believe what they think is the truth and there is no doubt in their mind. My beautiful wife works from home and has a window where she predicts the weather. She is right occasionally, but, what she does not understand is her window isnt the only window in the house. And if you really want to look outside then open the door and see the light or lack thereof. Or Google it, but, make sure you have the correct location or they might give you a weather report from a different location. And there you have another example of where you assume you are correct, but, you were misinformed.

I believe this applies to politics as we know it. For the last 30 years the politicians insist on stopping their opposition parties from getting anything done. This shows the other party their power. When it isn’t a football game we are playing. We need to come together as a country and not continuing to fight for no good reason. Countries like China and Russia are pushing us to fight against each other. They are laughing. And part of that is our fault. We can’t continue down this road.

Why does China continue to test missiles? Because their “ruler” wants to go down in history. We aren’t a country trying to take over the world. Why does China act like we are? We trade a lot with them. Though they make all of their products to fail, they do have some cheap stuff.

The point is we have to trade fairly with them and not go behind closed doors and threaten them. As clear as black and white.

If Russia and China weren’t enough to make us fight against each other then we have the billionaires. They too are trying to keep us divided. Communism is not the answer and neither is using the poor as a ‘welcome mat’.  Billionaires need to pay their taxes.

Can you see__now?

There are poor people that need help.  There are also people who take advantage of people helping people.  It is believed, at least by a lot of southerners (I’m not included), that if you give poor people money they will take advantage of it. And many people take advantage of money giving to them.
But, they are not as cheating like billionaires. One billionaire could help so many. Instead of flying in outerspace why can’t we help each other.

Now, if you don’t see that, then you need surgery to help you see.



To: Shea’s Station

 All on board with this idea?

Shea’s Station was an idea that began in a Restaurant Management class. Now this doesn’t have to be a train ride even though they are fun. Your restaurant could take the form of a ship, a bus or a hot air balloon. Just don’t use an aircraft because they are ripping apart the troposphere. Perhaps you could use an airport, but, …

Let’s begin to get adjusted

The point is you are traveling to go someplace new or a place you have not been to in a long time. You want to settle down, relax and get adjusted to the situation. Maybe have a cocktail and/or munchie.

Now you are ready or…

When you are hungry you like to eat something comforting and something satisfying. Well we have the best.

You want to try your future dish?

But wait. What if you are traveling to someplace new or an old stomping ground you haven’t seen in years. You want to try that new stuff so you have an idea of what you are in for. Your destination is most likely different from the place you left. Maybe you are leaving because the food was bad. Bonn appetite!
The idea is to keep a stable menu for those who don’t wish to try something new. And then there is the “Today’s Fare” which changes monthly in the real world. But, it is meant to show a variety of foods from all over the world. One month you are going to New Orleans, the next could be Memphis. It may be true every city has it’s uniqueness. This menu has a variety of dishes for the next destination.

And finally (voila’) you can relax.

Lastly there are desserts and beverages to go with them.

This menu idea is intended to bring in the regular visitors, those who like the wonderful everyday cuisine, those who sometimes try something new. And then there are the people from out of town who will eat anything because they are STARVING!


9-10 vs 9-11

In memory of our losses

This “carving” I carved six months to the day after 9-11. I actually had a tree stump looking for a purpose. Anyways, I was born on September tenth and after my birthday in 2001, I was very disappointed (like my dad always thought of me). My point is: do we celebrate 9-11 because so many people were hurt physically and/or physiologically or do we bury it and move on. Do we really celebrate the bombing of Pearl harbor? The terrorists are loving all the publicity they are getting. That is why they did it to us. That and twenty years of war. Do they really gain by starting a war with us? America pours in tons of money, one way or another, especially guns and vehicles.
War is a profit making scheme for so many billionaires. There are those that make weapons, aircraft and vehicles and sell to the government. Then there are some that provide housing, food and clothing. Then there are those which are sacrificing their lives and love volunteering to help others. It really is a shame we still have wars. There are some governments who are trying to help their citizens. While other countries who have dick-taters who only want to go down in history (#trumpdis). Not to say Russia and China have egomaniacs trying to rule the world, but, there are countries who don’t have the ability to remove their “leaders”. Then there are bullies who start a fight (#9-11) just to get the care when they lose.
We should mourn the casualties and friends of those who put their lives on the line for peace. But, to make a big deal out of it is only feeding the bully and inspiring more craziness.
I still cringe when I look at a digital clock and it reads 9-11.
…and back in ’85 I had dinner with a friend at the restaurant “Windows on the World” atop of one of the towers! Who can say that.




At a Jetstream near Me

Jetstream showing impact of aircraft
Like a stream?

The photo isn’t available because NASA or NOAA or AWC or FAA or …won’t release them. They don’t want you to see what many billionaires are making profit on. If the Polar Jetstream photo was “in existence” it would look like a continuess flushing toilet bowl looking down on the north pole. That is without nonstop aircraft blasting in and blasting out. Where meteorologists visualize aircraft are like a canoe in a stream (#stopalljetstream) Picture this…the Jetstream thru infrared technology demonstrating how the heat and pressure greatly impacting the Jetstream and how much it alters the natural Jetstream.

Do you ever wonder what the weather guy means by jetstream? Well you aren’t the only one. The “Meteorologist” went to school so he/she should know what they are talking about. You can research it on the internet if you want, but, it won’t tell you the whole story. The truth is difficult to acquire. For one it is hard to nail down. In actuality it is too flexible to nail down. It is a curly wind swirling around at 100 to 250 mph without any naked eye proof of its existence. Then there are thousands of jets poking in and out at their will. It must be difficult to calculate the amount of time and distance travelled in the jetstream. But, with today’s technology it is just a matter of calculating with the NOAA data. That is, if they will release it.

The point is the jetstream is very flexible and no one can predict where it is going. And the whole weather thing is based on the jetstream and what its going to do next. Because the Earth is not a perfect oblate, and the earth has a lava interior, and the Moon is trading gravity with the Earth and Sun, and the heating of the oceans, and the below temperature of space and a few more factors; who knows.

The meteorologists know this and they have a computer program aka “model” to help. They also believe the jetstream is unaffected by jetliners because they are relatively too small to make an impact.  They say it is like pebbles in the ocean or a canoe in a river. These are very good analogies, but, maybe not as correct as possible. Remember when you were young and it was freezing outside and you come home from school and you leave the door open. Didn’t your mother scream at you to close the #*_$”=* door! Get it? Relatively the door or maybe a window is like the jet. Or have you ever been sweating in a steam room and some one leaves and doesn’t close the door.  It is disturbing isn’t it. But, the jet exhaust is 1,200F degrees and the jetstream is -30F. Or have you cooked a big pot of stew and stuck it in the fridge without letting it cool? No! Of course not. Besides that the jets fly into the jetstream without knocking on the door. They come and go as they please. There must be some sort of impact while piercing in and out. The turbulence scares the clouds out of you. Of course because it’s not natural. If you were a conspiracy theorist you may believe the weather people don’t want to make waves with the airliners. They enjoy saving money and time at the cost of the rest of the world.

And then there is the barometric pressure issue! The 1,200 degree temperature difference means the air pressure is drastically changing. It is difficult  to imagine because the air pressure and temperature are invisible. A balloon or bike tire tube might show as an example, but, the jetstream doesn’t hold the temperature or pressure. A visual analogy might be where you are cooking a big pot of milk and you want to add chocolate. There you can see the results. And eventually it appears to blend in. That’s not a good example. Maybe a flagulation will illustrate where you can not see it (#gassesglasses),  butt, you know it is there.

And…why do some use jetstream with a space between them? That is like aircraft with a space between them. The air craft flew in the jet stream?

Then there is the global warming predicament which is legitimately a problem. But, if you look at it like a greenhouse perhaps there is a simple solution. Open a window. Let in some of the cold air. The outer atmosphere is really cold like -30°. So, if we were able to manage to allow a controllable amount of cold air to enter the troposphere and not ruin the oxygen vs carbon dioxide combination we may temporarily continue our ruining of the earth.

Why refuse to listen to a matter that changes the world only to help billionaires save a few dollars???



Head of Staff

Heads up
Head Office

One of many hospitals helping everyone.(Inova)

When I grow up I want to be the Head Doctor. I want to walk around room by room checking on all my patients. From maternity to the penthouse all patients are equal. And the doctors on each floor also need the attention of a Head Doctor. Even the cleaning crew could use a good “howdy”.

Just helping people is my goal. How does one help others? In general  it takes money and time. Those two go hand and hand. Money in one hand and food in the other.

Helping others is so satisfying and mostly fun. Try it, you will like it. Think of your favorite thing to do and find a charity that is associated with it. If you like football then volunteer to help kids flag-football team/association whether donating time or money, you can help. Just like so many people trying to help others. Some billionaires help by donating and other billionaires hide all of their money under their mattress just in case there is a pandemic or a Wall Street collapse.

Hospital for All
The Name Speaks for Itself

A place where all humans are equal.

Dick Van Dyke was a Head Doctor on the TV show named Diagnosis Murder and he was like a saint. Besides solving crimes and mysteries he saved hospital patients lives. He stood up for his employees. And he raised a great family. He would have made a great president.

As a Head Doctor I could look into people’s minds and figure out how people could be so hateful, inconsiderate, prejudice, mean, vulgar, friendly, honest, funny, generous and knowledgeable. Prejudice is the most peculiar condition. It is the only one that involves seeing with the eyes. Imagine a blind person sitting in a bar and others around ’em saying the most awful things about other people. I can see how confusing it could be. Imagine someone speaking very vulgarly about someone else whom they never met. How is that possible? Are they from a different team or maybe a different country, a different religion or maybe a different planet. It makes you wonder how someone may know everything about someone without ever meeting them. Only a blind person could figure that out. It would take a Head Doctor to show a blind person how some people are so unreasonable. Now that is using your head.


Can’t We Eat Together

Bringing people together
Guess who is coming to dinner!

Ok, so, there is a board meeting and it is running late. Everyone is getting hungry so its time to order a delivery. There are 10 board members. Is there a difference in race, religion or gender? All people need to eat except someone who is on a diet. All of the board members make enough money not to worry about the cost of dinner unless they have to pay their kids college tuition.

Chinese, Mexican, Italian,  Greek,  yadda, yadda, yadda, etc. Etc, etC, who cares! We all have to eat. But, can we all agree on one delivery? Or… do we order from 10 different deliveries? Now, we are split. Five on one side of the table and five on the other. Five wanted Italian food and the other 5 wanted French. They each stayed on their side of the table and agreed with their cohorts. And disagreed with their adversaries. These people are more like members of a club. They vow for their club and vowed to hate the others. That is the way their club thinks and the way they have always thought. Both sides!

Religion: both sides are religious and of course one side is more faithful than the other. But, religion is supposed to be separated from the rest. You have to remember there are more than one religion! “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” You can quote me on that. Actually you have to think of the minority religions. People who are not represented by the board members need your thoughts.

Everyone belongs to one minority or another. Even people going bald want to be represented. Why do we need so many barber shops when half of us are bald? These board members are not parents over the people. They are more like siblings. Though you think you know everything you have to think there is so much out there that you don’t know about and thus you have to be open to… causes célèbres!

The female gender is split between the two groups. One religion says they should stay at home and make babies and the other says why not be Vice-president of the United States of America! Again, why is religion interfering in the rights of all people?

These 10 board members are really politicians who are divided on the vote to allow 1,000 people to enter America from a devastated storm ridden island in the Caribbean Sea.

These surviving islanders did not cause the storm. If anything it is the Billionaires fault who don’t care about the environment. All these survivors need is food, medical assistance and shelter. They won’t fight over where the food comes from. They will enjoy whatever they can get. It will be the politicians who decide who, what, when, where and/or how. If they can’t decide on their own dinner, how will they decide the fate of others?


For All Walks of Life

( Football High Step Agility Trainer)
Never get tired.                                         Picture copyrighted?

A football field with Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears (#fakenews, #oops) at practice and working out. They are exercising with the usual outdoor equipment including two rows of tires bound together with about 7 tires in each row. The players line up as usual. One at a time each player high-steps in a slight jog with their knees almost reaching their chest.

The camera rotates from a head-on shot to one perpendicular to the row of tires and following the last player is a cat successfully high stepping though the tires just like the players. And then a dog follows and he too successfully maneuvers through the tires. And they are followed by a horse, then a cow, a moose and then an elephant (any other animals are optional).

The announcer mikes up and says: “TIRE Dexercise Tires: Tires for all walks of life.”

A twist or variation to be used for the next year could have instead of these animals, use team animals and people like Patriots, Jaguars, 49ers, Bills, Bears, etc.

So, if you own a tire company you can use this brilliant idea for advertising which will bring you millions in sales. #imjussayin
And don’t forget about me!


Bully From Day One

Toro, Toro, toro, imagine laying on the ground and looking up

Being the youngest of five children I was spoiled by some which lead to bullied by the others. I assume each went thru that same paradox. I for one remained spoiled. And some remained bullies. It’s like those beginning years stay with you.

Bullies are ordinary people in general, except they have to have the last word and a powerful handshake and other little pokes in the eye to make themselves bigger and stronger than everyone else. You could probably say 80% of football players are bullies. In a civilized world we don’t need to be like cavepeople. And we don’t need to teach that to our offspring.

There should not be a bully president. Maybe one that could defend themself. But, more like one to outsmart the opponent. And one which will listen to his hand picked advisors.

Democracy is built on everyone getting together and acting civilized. Even the majority is designed to help the minority. There should not be a divided country. There should not be a divided world.

Some countries are religious based going back to prehistoric times. That is their right as long as they don’t try to take over the world.

Speaking of which…there are some countries,  not rushin’ in to details, want to take over the world. The ruler, similar to a trumpet player, just to toot his own horn. And their followers are like children who can’t wait to sit on Santa’s lap. They will believe anything he says and do whatever he wants. And they don’t know it. They bully others around to make themselves feel better. Grown people acting like children on a play ground.

Rulers of the world are trying to outwit the other rulers and take over the world just so they can go down in history books. We vote for them thinking they would lead us for our benefit. Instead it is only for themselves and maybe their descendants

A leader will lead his troops. A tyrant will watch as his puppets march on.

Our politics are divided like a court room. Both believe they are innocent or correct. They tear at each others hearts and beliefs.

Like a bull in a China shop, some love chaos!